New Arrivals

Major update from some of the finest labels in the extreme music underground.

From Bestial Burst:
Ordo Caper/Anal Vomit – “Morgue Of Difamators” CD
Kali Yuga Noise/Massarcre Anti Musica – “Split” LP
Satanic Torment – “Submit To The Lord Of Darkness” CD

From Freak Animal:
Celebrity Appreciation Society – “Case Study 3” Tape + Book
Cloama – “Embargoed” CD
Cloama – “Halveksin Kuolemaa” CD
Encephalophonic – “Exhuming The Perversion” 2x CD
Rotat – “Grease District” CD “Electric Current” LP
Special Interests #10 Zine
Veprisuicida – “Radio Stigmata” CD
V/A – “Beyond” CD

From Sakarmiina:
Genocide Wolves – “No Fucking Tolerance” CD
Mistreat – “Battle Cry” CD
Mistreat – “Unfinished Business” CD
Vapaudenristi – “2007-2012” 2x CD
Vapaudenristi – “Ei Maata Ilman Kansaa” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pagan Skull – “Split” CD

From Other Labels:
Overbite – “S/T” 7” (Reagent)
Rancour – “Lucifer’s Kin” 7″ (Neutral Words)

New Heidenwut Productions Section

We are pleased to stock the following releases from fellow Northern England based label, Heidenwut Productions:

Argentum/Sigvegr – “Black Sun Is Rising” CD
Evil Incarnate – “Waiting For His Return” CD
Evil Incarnate – “Waiting For His Return” LP
Haters – “Haters” LP
Instinct – “Instinct” CD
Mystherium – “Memorial Nowy Swit” LP
Pale Mist – “Spreading My Wings Into The Abyss That Calls” Tape
Pale Mist – “Thresholds To Awakening” Tape
Styggmyr – “Sathanas Supreme” LP
Tyranath/Kvaathan/Eingar – “Vinlandic War Hymns” CD
Xaos Oblivion – “Rituals From The Cold Grave” LP
Ysengrin – “T.R.I.A.D.E.” CD

New Releases From Filth & Violence

The following new releases are now available from Stoic Strength. Released by Filth & Violence! Extreme Power Electronics and Industrial Noise; as always – not for the faint hearted!

Bizarre Uproar – “Rape Africa: 2018 Edition” CD
Prussian Walls – “Sadist Kampf” CD
Snuff – “IV” CD
SSRI – “Ritual Workings” CD
Vihanmiehet – “S/T” CD
XE – “18” CD
ZSS – “Moral War” 10”

New Arrivals

Fully updated sections for All Dead Tapes/Wealth Of Abuse. A wide range of noise, power electronics, rotten punk and black metal mayhem for those fans of the deep UK underground!

All Dead Tapes:
Axnaar – “Obscure Salo” Tape
Axnaar – “Unbanished Evil” Tape
Axnaar – “Useless Meat/Sacred Flesh” Tape
Axnaar/Bizarre Uproar – “Split” 7”
Axnaar/Troth – “Path Of Misfortune” Tape
Bestial Boreas – “S/T” Tape (All Dead Tapes)
Carer – “Demonstration” Tape
CSB – “Romp III” Tape
Denim & Leather – “S/T” 7”
Foot Hair – “Live At The Globe” Tape
Ierre Gilda – “Ancient Demented Brotherhood” Tape (All Dead Tapes)
Illicit Union – “S/T” Tape
Illicit Union – “Taste” Tape
Iron Drugs – “I” Tape
Iron Drugs – “II” Tape
Oven – “IV” Tape
Pollutive Static ‎– “Live Electronics” Tape
Remores – “S/T” Tape
Roases ‎– “Wealth Of Abuse” Tape
Rotten – “Rotten” Tape
Sete Star Sept/Two Million Tons Of Shit ‎– “Noisecore Split” Tape

Wealth Of Abuse:
Black State – “Hlose” Tape
Deviant Report – “Volume I” Tape
Deviant Report – “Volume II” Tape
Menacing ’84 – “Hail ’84” Tape
Menacing ’84 – “Immediate Extinction” Tape
Menacing ’84 – “S/T” Tape
Menacing ’84 – “Strike Fear” Tape + Poster
Prussian Walls – “S/T” Tape
Prussian Walls – “Sadist Kampf” Tape
Roases – “Everlasting Life” Tape
Roases – “Hymns Of Domestic Abuse” Tape
Scum F.C. – “S/T” Tape
Sexualised Medicine – “S/T” Tape
Shite Nazarene – “S/T” Tape
Smut – “Vulgar Tongue” Tape

New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:

Hail Conjurer – “Dream Of Serpent” CD
Subhumanannihilation – “S/T” Tape

From Blackwood Productions:

Abduction – “Respiratory Prison” Tape
Arrogant Destruktor – “Commandments of War and Necromancy” Tape
Black Altar/Beastcraft – “Winds ov Decay/Occult Ceremonial Rites” Tape
Blodarv – “Gâst” Tape
Grievance – “Pillar, Pedra e Faca” CD
Paara – “Yön Olevainen Puoli” Tape
Repulsive – “The Flesh Domain/Thanatophobia” Tape

From Freak Animal:

BizarreSSmania – ”II” CD
BizarreSSmania – ”II” LP
Con-Dom – “Subjection” CD (Industrial Recollections)
Con-Dom – “War And Ordnance” Tape
Contortus – “Violence In Heat” CD
Contortus – “Violence In Heat” Tape
Grunt – ”Castrate The Illusionist” CD
Grunt – ”Castrate The Illusionist” LP
Grunt – ”Sacrosanct Imperium” One-Sided 12”
Haare – “Regression” CD
YANA – “Chimerism” CD

From Northern Heritage:

Exordium – “S/T” CD
Exordium – “In Wrath Principle” CD
Incriminated – “Miracle Of Purity” CD
MGLA – “Mdlosci / Further Down The Nest” CD
Numinous ‎– “Numinous” LP
Phlegein – “Silver Veins” CD
Phlegein – “Ancient Battlegrounds” 10”
Phlegein – “From The Land Of Death” CD
Phlegein – “From The Land Of Death” LP
Warloghe – “Lucifer Ascends” CD
Warloghe – “The First Possession” LP
Warloghe – “Womb Of Pestilence” LP

From Other Labels:

Aad Sleck ‎– “Demonstration” Tape (Self Released)
Akitsa – “Grand Tyrans” CD (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “Grand Tyrans” Tape (Hospital Productions)
Azazel ‎– “Crucify The Jesus Christ Again” CD (Last Rites)
Death Citadel – “Bestial Antaumus” CD (Last Rites)
Death Citadel – “Unland Spidercult” CD (Last Rites)
Disorder Of Deadeight – “Depthsounder” CD (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt)
Nuit Noire – “Inner Light” Tape (Levertraan)
Nuit Noire – “Inner Light: Rehearsal” Tape (Levertraan)
Old Corpse Road/The Meads Of Asphodel – “Split” CD (Godreah Records) RESTOCK
Ride For Revenge/Satanic Torment – “Split” 7″ (Fuck Yoga Records)
The Wound – “Demo: 15/01/18” Tape (Self Released)

New Releases From Legion Blotan

We are proud to present the following tapes and apparel items from our Black Metal label Legion Blotan Records.


Aphotykum – “The Cimmerian Sessions” Tape
Eofor – “Demo 15” Tape
Headless Horseman – “Demo” Tape
Jorvik – “Demo 2017” Tape
Troth – “Images Of Cotard Delusion” Tape
Unkerd Wood/Pact Of Ash/Gammal Sed – “Northern Retaliation” Tape
White Medal – “Jorviking” Tape, Patch + Zine
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Cwylmendéaþ” Tape SECOND EDITION


Ride For Revenge – “Path Of Dominion” White on Black Vest (FOTL S-XL)
Ride For Revenge – “Path Of Dominion” Black on Charcoal T-Shirt (GILDAN S-XL)
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Skull” Black on Bone T-Shirt (GILDAN S-XL)
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Créda Beaducwealm” White on Black T-Shirt (FOTL S-XL)


Legion Blotan – “Logo” (Design by Warhead Art) Patch
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Birth. Toil. Death.” Patch

New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:

Puhdistus – “Monoa Antifalle” CD

From Northern Heritage:

Baptism – “Morbid Wings Of Sathanas” CD
MGLA – “Exercises In Futility” CD RESTOCK
MGLA – “Exercises In Futility” LP RESTOCK
MGLA – “With Hearts Toward None” LP RESTOCK

From Freak Animal:

Deathkey – “Doctrine Of Intolerant Hatred” 2x CD
Deathkey – “Totenkopf” CD
Deathkey – “Hammer Of Terror” CD

From Other Labels:

Cultfinder – “Hell’s Teeth” CD (Eldrich Lunar Miasma Records)
Fleshpress ‎– “III – The Art Of Losing All” CD (Kult Of Nihilow)
Fleshpress ‎– “Pillars” CD (Kult Of Nihilow)
Oven – “Oven” Tape (Crippled Sound Recordings)
Pahuus ‎– “Pahuuden Voitto” CD (Self Released)
Wapentake ‎– “Murmurations” CD (Eldrich Lunar Miasma Records)

New Arrivals From Final Agony

We are pleased to stock the following releases from elite USA label Final Agony:

Dawnfall ‎– “Dominance Of Darkness” LP
Dead Reptile Shrine ‎– “A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forests” 2xLP
Deathkey ‎- “Emanations Of Binaural Terror” Tape
Funeral Mourning ‎– “Inertia Of Dissonance” Tape
Maléfices – “Muloup/Lupus” 7″
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – “Bloody Aeon Of Fullmoon Sacrifices” 7″
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Black Sun Society” LP
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Nothing Is Forever And Forever Is Nothing” LP

New A.S.K.E. Section

We are pleased to have finished uploading our entire catalogue of available A.S.K.E. (Anti Social Kultur England) release to the shop. A.S.K.E. is a UK based label releasing underground crude Power Electronics, Black Metal, Punk and Noise Rock and everything in between.

Battalion – “Demo I” Tape
Battalion – “Demo II” Tape
Battalion – “Demo III: Not Dead Yet” Tape
Copper – “S/T” Tape
Killfuck – “S/T” Tape
Lead Slug – “The Problematic Demo” Tape
Medieval Meditation – “S/T” Tape
O.A.F. – “Birstall Live Sessions” Tape
O.A.F. – “S/T” Tape
Occulted Death Stance – “Some Things Are Eternal” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Black Clouds” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Pedo Isles/Whoredom” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Sex Chat” Tape