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Legion Blotan Radio

As t’dappers flit, bee’s tek o’er t’bird box…

Playlist with choice cuts from the new records and tapes released 30/06/2023

Running Order:
1. Celtic Rainforest – “Death Of A Lion” (from “Roedden Ni Yma Gyntaf” Tape)
2. Chevallier Skrog – “Dokud Poslední Z Nás Stojí, Boj Trvá” (from “Brethren Relegatus” Tape)
3. Eoforan – “Unswefnes Blot” (from “Askham Bog” Tape)
4. Fangfoss – “Alu Alu Alu (Oi Oi Oi) (from “Alu Alu Alu” Tape)
5. Helmbrecht – “Valpurt” (from “Obladiti” Tape)
6. Hig Geat – “Graves Beneath The Old Minsters” (from “S/T” Tape)
7. Irrnaht – “II” (from “Im Moor” Tape)
8. Ivar’s Burial – “The Great East Pendle Working” (from “Pennine Hamrammr Berserkergang” Tape)
10. Sāriġ – “Barren Yet Shambolic Terrain Unseasonable” (from “Mourn The Vulnerable Worm” Tape)
11. Valor – “Sacrificing Past Self” (from “Dissonant Dominance” Tape)
12. Wapentake – “Rustick Feudal Spirit” (from “Agrarian Gothic” LP, Tape & CD)
13. Axnaar – “The Hammer Falls Again” (from “Obscure Salo/Shite Inside Death” LP)
14. White Medal – “Untitled III” (from “Deeard Heritage: Lyke Wake Instrumental Demos” LP + Zine)
15. Peasant – “Ghosts Of The Mines” (from “Demo Collection” LP)
16. Sump – “Vengeance (Live London 2019)” (from “Murder Vengeance” LP)
17. Kärsimysnäytelmä! – “Kärsimysten Tie” (from “S/T” LP)
18. Kasturn – “Suspended Above Ruin” (from “S/T” LP)