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New Releases Out Now!

Triple threat release day featuring releases from all 3 of our current labels. There’s something for all fans of the underground here!

New Legion Blotan Releases Out Now!

Chevallier Skrog – “Ordum Rustica Separitis” LP + Zine

Legion Blotan is proud to further our commitment to the Pant Y Meddygon cause by unleashing this full length LP collecting all 4 early demo’s from Czech Black Metal Punk project Chevallier Skrog. Presented on black vinyl with printed centre labels inside a poly bag within folded covers inside a thick PVC outer sleeve, complete with 12 page zine with additional artwork and texts and logo sticker.


Chevallier Skrog – “Peasant Rebellion” Tape

Legion Blotan version of the latest full length album from Pant Y Meddygon head honcho’s solo project Chevallier Skrog. Featuring nine tracks that flow into each other aggressively yet beautifully. Full to bursting with the stomping riffs and heavy sound the project is known for! Double-sided glossy covers.


Haunted Sanity/Zawrat/Goatchurch – “Life. Destruction. Death.” 3x Tape Set

After fifteen years of underground activity, Glomor is dead. Best known as the sole member of excellent UKBM project Pale Mist, Glomor has grown sick of the weakness found within the contemporary Black Metal scene and decided to close the door on all current projects for good. While “Through the Labyrinth And Into Connectivity” was the last release of Pale Mist, this compilation box set marks the final statement of side projects Zawrat, Haunted Sanity and Goatchurch. Raw and uncompromising Black Metal for those who remember what the underground is meant to be all about. Three separate tapes housed in a slip case with sticker, each with their own double-sided glossy printed covers.


Ruin Trajectory – “Heraldic Scourge Anthem” Tape

The third demo of Black Metal Punk attack and easily the best, most concise and hard hitting material from this Wapentake side project so far! Seven tracks of primitive riffs over stomping drums with excellent vocals. Covers printed on thick yellow card.


Sāriġ/Zbitec – “Split” Tape

Yorkshire meets Bohemia. New tracks of cold and primitive guitar, synth & drum-machine fuelled Black Metal Post-Punk from both projects. Gritty and industrial no-hope music. Pro-printed glossy covers.


Void Of Autumn – “The Exile Tale” Tape

The second demo from the Finnish mastermind behind Absolute Key, Circle Of Ourobouros and half of Absava; Antti Klemi. Building upon the themes of the first demo and split with Hylster, “The Exile Tale” incorporates primitive loose-form,  slow tempo, no-wave Black Metal chaos alongside torturous yet poetic vocals, harrowing synth leads and mournful acoustic guitar passages to further illustrate the depressive cold void of the soul, as the years light starts to fade. Pro-printed glossy covers.


Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Raw Rehearsals” 2x LP

Long awaited vinyl version of the infamous 3rd tape from W.M. – “Raw Rehearsals”. Some of the nastiest and most primitive Black Metal material committed to record, not for the faint of heart or casual good-time listener. Comes on double black vinyl with printed centre labels in poly-inners, housed inside a gatefold PVC sleeve with double sided insert.


Zbitec – “Strength & Pride” Tape

Legion Blotan version of the debut demo from this Pant Y Meddygon project! Primitive drum machine-fuelled ugly Bohemian Black Metal with Post Punk inspired tempo and riffs, complimented by disgusting tortured vocals! Double-sided glossy covers.


New Turgid Vermin Releases Out Now!

Mutant Ape – “What’s Left?” Tape

Tape reissue of various 2006 works released on several different releases and splits. This compilation was originally released on CD in 2008 on Turgid Animal. Grim Power Electronics/Harsh Noise/Industrial period Mutant Ape, juvenile anger-audio. Glossy covers.


Sallow Statue – “S/T” Tape

The first release of the new Power Electronics/Death Industrial project from New York, USA based artist Kevin Blodgett. While known for running the Blood Ties label and from his work in HNW project Bulk Carrier and abrasive industrial noise project I Discern, the intensely personal Sallow Statue enters the fray with an even darker piece of experimental electronic degradation that will surely appeal to fans of Shift and Gelsomina. Full colour glossy covers.


Tribal Nightshade – “S/T” Tape

The second release from this duo comprising the men behind the more musical Celtic Rainforest and White Medal. Two tracks of looping, droning Industrial Noise music for fans of Skullfower and Culver. Glossy covers.


Unamed – ” I Skogsmannens Rike” CD

Turgid Vermin is proud to present it’s 3rd release in the form of highly experimental and free-form blackened noise by Finnish-Swedish project Unamed. The project has existed since 2010 and has released two pro-tapes through the Cursed Tapes label as well as CD-r releases through Black Saliva Secretions and Supreme Analog Torture Records respectively. “I Skogsmannens Rike” marks the first release in a few years but is well worth the wait. The live present nature of the droning and minimal electronic sounds, along with shamanic rhythms and dark hidden voices, engulf the listener in prehistoric euphoria; as if being trapped within the ancient cave walls and bearing witness to the Wild Nordic Magick up close. 6 track full length album for the free spirits. Presented in matte finished digipak with photography by the band.


New Steel Martyr Releases Out Now!

Dagger Culture – “S/T” 3” CD-r

UK Experimental and Noisy Dungeon Synth with Industrial influences. Based around the theme of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, coupled with a pinch of Tolkien worship. Glossy covers.


Disco Morituro – “<< Lacerations >>” Tape + Booklet

Death Industrial/Atrax Morgue Worship duo based in Glasgow. Three expertly formed tracks laden with heavy synth-driven passages, guided by abstract vocals. Comes packaged with an A5 full colour booklet with Giallo imagery and lyrics to get fully immersed.


Mushroom Grandpa – “Sleep In Herbs” CD

Beautifully crafted Comfy Synth from this Ukrainian artist. Be transported into the micro-world where nature and rest are paramount! Glass mastered CD presented in a digipak, limited to 100 copies.


The following T-Shirts are also now available:

Chevallier Skrog – “Peasant Rebellion” T-Shirt

Double-sided white print on black Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

Tribal Nightshade – “Logo” T-Shirt

Black logo print on Fruit Of The Loom sports grey T-Shirts.

Turgid Vermin – “Logo” T-Shirt

Black logo print on Fruit Of The Loom red T-Shirts. Logo design by Simon Moors.