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New Legion Blotan Releases

Aad Sleck – “Demonstration” Tape
Crude, mongrel breed of Black Metal/Punk for fans of Akitsa, Sump and Bone Awl. No frills or innovation. Paying homage to the strongest men in the north. Double sided glossy printed covers.

Aad Sleck – “Demonstration II” Tape
The return of Nothumberland’s crude, mongrel breed of Black Metal/Punk for fans of Akitsa, Sump and Bone Awl. No frills or innovation. Paying homage to the mining heritage of North East England. Double sided glossy printed covers.

Ivar’s Burial – “Demo ’17” Tape
A lost and forgotten project of Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal finally unleashed! Fold out, double size glossy printed covers.

White Medal – “Guthmers Hahl” Tape
Clean repress of White Medal’s first proper album. 6 tracks of stomping Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal with raw industrial production. Glossy printed covers.

White Medal – “Yorkshire Steel” Tape
Clean repress of White Medal’s 2012 EP. Alongside a re-recording of “Agbrigg”, the EP had 3 new tracks in a slightly more polished style. Glossy printed covers.

Hail Conjurer – “Crude Magick” T-Shirt
White ink on black Gildan T-shirts featuring artwork from the “Crude Magick” compilation CD released by Bestial Burst.

Hail Conjurer – “Crude Magick” Vest
White ink on black Fruit Of The Loom Vests featuring artwork from the “Crude Magick” compilation CD released by Bestial Burst.

White Medal – “Rose Shield” T-Shirt
Black ink on white Gildan T-shirts. A reprint of the first ever White Medal T-shirt from 10+ years ago.

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New Arrivals

From Altare Productions:
Black Cilice ‎– “Curses And Oaths” 2x CD
Black Cilice ‎– “Summoning The Night” LP (Clear)
Bosque ‎– “Cleansing” CD
Nahtrunar/Hesychia – “Split” LP (White)

From Bestial Burst:
Evil Incarnate – “Depopulation Agenda” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Carnal Light” CD
Nirriti – “Asuryasparsha” CD
Witchcraft/Aske – “Dead Christ Prayer” CD

From Expansion Abyss:
Blood Omen – “Wraiths Of Primeval Battlefields” 7″
Blood Ouroboros – “Obfuscation of Hideous Ego” Tape
Circle Of Ouroborus – Metal Pin
Hail Conjurer – Metal Pin
Molog – “Tri” LP
Offenbarung – “Manifestus” Tape
Reviled – “Demo 2019” Tape
Sentient Divide – “Haunted By Cruelty” LP
Sentient Divide – “Haunted by Cruelty” Tape

From Filth & Violence UK Division:
ZSS – “Logo” T-Shirt

From Freak Animal:
Clinic Of Torture – ““Rohrstockliebe” Tape Box Set
Contortus – “For Those Who Love To Cause Pain” CD
Kinbakushi – “Construction Site Bondage” Tape Box Set
Silence Of Vacuum – ““The Rubberist” ” Tape Box Set
Striations – “Keepsakes” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 1” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 2” CD

From Phosgen Records:
Cervical Smear – “Suffocated with Duct Tape, Raped and Discarded” 7″
Chaos Cascade – “of Bedlam and Barbarism” CD RESTOCK
Cthulhu – “Cthulhu” CD RESTOCK
Entartun – “S/T” CD
Eradication Call – “Veiled” CD
RxAxPxE ‎– “Flesh Commandments” CD
RxAxPxE – “Transgressing Ecstasy” 2x CD RESTOCK
Scum – “Surrender” CD

Caverne ‎– “Omphalos” CD (Résilience)
Slogun/Wertham ‎- “By Blood : In Blood” CD (Old Europa Cafe)
V/A – “Descent Into Madness: Against Audio Complication Tape Vol. I” Tape (Against Audio)

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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:
Aske – “Vuohi” CD
C.B.A. – “Death To The Modern World” CD
Ceremonial Torture/Hail Conjurer – “Split” A5 CD
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – “No Parole From Necropolitean Catacombs” CD
Goatmoon – “Hard Evidence: Illegal Live Activities 2009” CD
Goatmoon/Ride For Revenge – “In The Spirit Of Ultimate Sacrifice” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Crude Magick” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Erotic Hell” LP
Rape Over Chaos – “Destruction” CD
Reptile Womb – “Excretory Dæmonolatreia” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Nightmare Disturbances” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Sinking The Song” CD RESTOCK
Ride For Revenge – “Sinking The Song” LP (Black Vinyl)
Ride For Revenge – “Sinking The Song” LP (Red Vinyl)
Ride For Revenge/Below – “Split” CD
V/A – “Accelerated Cosmic Repulsion: 4-way Split” CD

From Filth & Violence:
Bizarre Uproar – “Indoctrination Of Fist & Cock” CD RESTOCK
Chloroform Rapist – “S/T” CD (Filth & Violence/Untergeschoss) RESTOCK
Snuff – “II” LP (Filth & Violence) RESTOCK LAST COPY*

From Freak Animal:
BizarreSSMania – “II” CD RESTOCK
BizarreSSMania – “II” LP RESTOCK
Contortus – “Violence In Heat” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Europe After Storm” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Terror & Degeneration” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “World Draped In A Camouflage” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Castrate The Illusionist” CD RESTOCK
Selected Killing – “Secret Tombstone” 3″ CD RESTOCK
Macronympha/Grey Wolves/Sudden Infant – “Interzone 3” CD RESTOCK
Mother Savage – “Kryptopyrrole” CD RESTOCK
MXM – “Flesh Biting Paedophile” CD RESTOCK
Nicole 12 – “Playground” CD RESTOCK
Putrefier – “Cog Dominance” CD RESTOCK
Sadio – “Sophisticated Methods In Torture” Tape RESTOCK
Silence Of Vacuum – “Under Three Layers” Tape RESTOCK

From Heidenwut:
Argentum/Sigvegr – “Black Sun Is Rising” CD RESTOCK
Aryman ‎– “Czarne Rytuały Otchłani” LP
Dark Fury/Poprava – “Furor Slavica” LP
Evil Incarnate – “Waiting For His Return” LP RESTOCK
Horns – “Czern” CD
Horns – “Czern” LP
Instinct – “S/T” CD RESTOCK
Legion – “My, Nowe Pokolenie” CD
Styggmyr – “Sathanas Supreme” LP RESTOCK
Wolfkrieg – “Wolvish Reign” LP
Zmora – “Czarne Otchłanie I Martwe Cienie” LP

From Hospital Productions:
Akitsa – “Au Crépuscule De L’Espérance” 2x LP (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “Goetie” 2x LP (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “Grands Tyrans” LP (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “La Grande Infamie” 2x LP (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “Sang Nordique” 2x LP (Hospital Productions)
Akitsa – “Totale Servitude” 2x LP (Hospital Productions)
Wolf Eyes – “Always Wrong” LP (Hospital Records)

From Northern Heritage:
MGLA – “Age Of Excuse ” LP

From Others:
ANTIchildLEAGUE – “Big Fat Arse” 7” (Hagshadow)
ANTIchildLEAGUE & Silent Abuse – “She Lost Control” 7” (Hagshadow)
Aunt Mary – “Almost Dead” 7″ (Turgid Animal)
Beherit – “H418ov21.C” LP (Primitive Reaction)
Bizarre Uproar – “Amputaatio” LP (Urashima)
Bizarre Uproar – “Himosta Rottiin – 017 Live Activities ” LP (Bacteria Field)
Bizarre Uproar – “Likainen Ehtoollinen” LP (Urashima)
Bizarre Uproar – “Lily The Flesh” LP (ASRAR)
Bizarre Uproar/Man Is The Bastard ‎– “Sanctity Of Oil/M3A1 Sub-machine Gun” 10” (Deep Six)
Bizarre Uproar/Mania – “Charnel Heap” 2x CD (Antipatik Records)
Bolt Thrower – “5th May 2010 Wales” Tape (Bootleg)
Broder ‎– “Tøbruddets Fald” Tape Hævngær)
Capricornus /Der Stürmer ‎– “Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!” CD (Pagan War)
Caligula031 – “Sexodrome” 7” (Antipatik) RESTOCK
Con-Dom – “How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die” CD (Tesco)
Con-Dom/Grey Wolves – “Waging War Against You” CD (Unrest)
Der Sturmer – “Hail To Finland” CD (Out Of The Dungeon)
Der Sturmer – “Transcendental Racial Idealism” CD (Totenkopf Propaganda)
Dieter Muh – “Aakal” 7″ (Harbinger Sound)
Dieter Muh – “Black Square” CD (Carnifex)
Dieter Muh – “Cari Saluti” CD (Functional Organisation)
Dieter Muh -“Stockholmmonsters” LP (No Label)
Dieter Muh & Lon Milo DuQuette – “The Call” LP (Haemoccult Recordings)
Dieter Muh/MNEM “atomyriades” CD (Cipher Productions)
Enslaved – “Erbore Tyskland: Live” Tape (Bootleg)
Fecalove – “Great Northern War” CD (Narcolepsia)
Final Solution – “Mass Death” CD (Der Bunker)
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – “The Willing Followers Of HIM” LP (New Era)
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus ‎– “The Willing Followers Of HIM” Tape (New Era)
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus/Prodeath – “Split” 7” RESTOCK
Frisk – “S/T” One-Sided 12” (Donor Records)
GG Allin – “Eat My Fuk 83-85” Tape (Bootleg)
GG Allin – “No Room For…” Tape (Bootleg)
Goatmoon/Der Strumer – “Kansojen Hävittäjä / Crushing The Maccabees” CD (No Sign Of Life)
Intolitarian – “Deathangle Absolution” CD (Deathangle Absolution) RESTOCK
Mercyful Fate – “Doomed by the Living Dead” CD (Bootleg)
Peasant – “Demo MMXIX” CD-r
Peasant – “Demo MMXIX” Wooden Box Set CD-r
Ride For Revenge – “Chapter Of Alchemy” 2x LP (Fuck Yoga)
Ride For Revenge/Below – “Split” LP (Final Agony)
Rotat – “Hussy Rescue” CD (Obsessive Fundamental Realism)
RXAXPXE – “Transgressing Ecstasy” 2x CD (Phosgen Records)
Satanic Warmaster – “Nachzehrer” LP (Northern Heritage)
Scatmother/Wonderland Club – “Split” Tape (Obsessive Fundamental Realism)
Sutcliffe Jugend – “The Muse” CD (Death Continues)
Sutcliffe Jugend – “Shame” CD (Hagshadow)
The Rita ‎– “Linked Arms And Touching Torsos” CD (Obsessive Fundamental Realism)
Tsalal ‎– “ללַצָ” LP (Larval Productions)
Umpio + IRR.APP.(EXT) – “Permutable Schema” CD (Vibora)
V/A – “Art Is (c)Over Vol.1 Tribute to GEROGERIGEGEGE” CD (Vis a Vis)
Vapaudenristi – “Ikuinen Kuolema” CD (Sakaramiina Records) RESTOCK
Vapaudenristi – “Tuomittu Vihaamaan” 7″ (Sakaramiina Records) RESTOCK LAST COPY*
Valhalla Bound – “Hail The Warrior” LP (Death Hymns)
Valhalla Bound – “Virgin Hearts” LP (Final Agony)
Valhalla Bound – “Virgin Hearts” Tape (New Era)
Wotanorden – “The Hands Of Fate” CD (Wolf Tyr)
XE ‎– “Vala” 2x LP (ASRAR)
ZSS – “Live In Finland 2016” CD (Der Bunker)
ZSS – “Spectacle Of The Triumph” CD (Der Bunker)

Eye Strain #1
Fördämning #1
Fördämning #3
Joyous Death #2
Northern Darkness #2
Northern Darkness #4
Slaves #2
Special Interests #5
Special Interests #7
Special Interests #8
Special Interests #10
Special Interests #11

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New Legion Blotan Releases

Uskonrauha – “Tympeyden Ylistys” LP

LP version of this near-perfect Finnish black metal assault by the power trio of Harald Mentor (Ride For Revenge), The Unnatural (White Death) and BlackGoat (Goatmoon). All that is needed for quality black metal is present; Satan, deep respect for the laws of nature, hatred for subhuman scum and a dose of national romanticism. Originally released on CD in 2015 by Bestial Burst, this debut full length finally see’s the light of day on vinyl!

Limited to only 197 copies the LP comes in a professionally printed, in a matte-finish, glued and spined sleeve with the black vinyl inside a black disco bag and with xerox lyric sheet included.

Woddrea Mylenstede – “Créda Beaducwealm” LP (Second Press)

Due to popular demand, Legion Blotan in conspiracy with Altare Productions unleash a second pressing of this raw and mysterious Northern English Black Metal obscurity originally released in 2016 limited to only 130 copies. Birth. Toil. Death.

Black vinyl with fold over cover, second edition of 250 copies.

Auld Fued – “S/T” Tape (Second Edition)

New edition of the demo originally released in 2012. Near-Psychedelic sounding Black Metal madness from the North of England. Limited to 100 copies with professionally printed glossy covers.

Bokkenrijders – “Kingdom Of Lies” Tape

Raw demo from Russian 3 piece Black Metal project. With a sound reminiscent of Finnish bands such as Satanic Warmaster and Goatmoon but with minimal instrumentation and a more punk feel. Limited to 100 copies with professionally printed glossy covers.

Caelum Nocte – “S/T” Tape

Finnish two-piece entity playing raw black metal with themes of enlightenment, apparitions in the woods and entrancing mutations of perception; meditations of hollow emptiness. Limited to 100 copies with professionally printed glossy covers.

Peasant ‎– “Demo MMXIX” Tape

Already in circulation for some time on tape and CD-r, this raw Black Metal demo recorded in 2019 features Steve Mills from Old Corpse Road/Arcane North/Thy Dying Light on guitars and vocals and George Proctor of White Medal/Sump on Drums. 3 tracks of traditional black metal in the northern tradition. Limited to 100 copies with tape stickers, co-released with Blackwood Productions.

Sidekut Slave – “Batcave Skinheads” Tape

Punk Black Metal from Pskov, North-Western Russia. Sidekut Slave is a member of the Pleskau Brethren Circle along with Hexenvomit, Needle Fetish, Virgin Pimp, and several others. Herein lies a short sharp burst of raw stomping Black Metal Skinhead Decadence – boots and bomber jackets, rot, misery, vomit, graveyards and nostalgia. For fans of Bone Awl, Sump and Ildjarn. Limited to 100 copies with professionally printed glossy covers.

Thunar – “Hamerslag” Tape

Here we have Dutch Old School Pagan Black Metal Desecration from Thunar. This evocative debut demo featuring five tracks in nearly 40 minutes of raw atmospheric metal invoking the old and dark gods of war and torture. Limited to 50 copies with professionally printed glossy white covers and 50 copies with red xerox covers by request of the band.

White Medal – “Division : Yorkshire” Tape + Patch

Three tracks of Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal from White Medal, delving further and deeper into the dark and unexplored abyss of Yorkshire history. Presented in a similar format to the “Jorviking” tape (2019), this release comes in a folded, double sided screen-printed inlay on recycled card which folds out into a poster and comes with screen printed patch. Limited copies.

White Medal – “Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal” Tape (Second Edition)

Compilation album featuring the “Agbrigg Beast” and “Alone As Owt” demo’s as well as compilation track and unreleased tracks. Limited to 100 copies with professionally printed glossy covers.


Legion Blotan Records – “Teeth” T-Shirt
Satanhartalt – “Déaþscufærgewinn” T-Shirt
Sump – “Logo” Patch
Uskonrauha – “Logo” Vest
Vanyar – “Dunharrow” T-Shirt
White Medal – “Jorviking” T-Shirt

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New Turgid Vermin Releases

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce the beginning of new label Turgid Vermin and what a great beginning it is with these two new CD’s:

Skullflower – “Purity” CD

“We stress test sound ’til it buckles, we burn off impurities and reduce it it to its essence…”

Hot on the heels of solstice, we present a new label and a new full length recording from the Yorkshire based, countryside-dwelling legends.

Although Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies release regular Skullflower, and other, sound via their Bandcamp, “Purity” is the first album proper since 2018’s “Werecat Powers…” released on vinyl by Egyptian label Nashazphone. Here are 4 tracks of dark cinematic aurality and wonderment and/or a massive dose of the essence of traditional black psychedelia, its roots in the moors and valleys of Gondal.

Presented in full colour digipak with photography by the band and in an initial run of 500 copies.

Will Over Matter – “Normalcy Restored Through Enemy Castration” CD

This second release for Turgid Vermin and brand new album by Finland’s Will Over Matter project see’s sole member Harold Mentor (Ride For Revenge, Bestial Burst label etc.) perform c. 75 minutes of new and harrowing material in his unique style.

A concept album, “Normalcy Restored Through Enemy Castration” takes topics of primitive warfare and black magic and processes them through filters of old school power electronics and experimental minimalism. Clear, commanding yet droning vocals deliver striking testaments to Satanic philosophies over pulsing abrasive industrial noise and rhythmic electronics.

Presented in a garishly coloured digipak and in an initial run of 200 copies.

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New Arrivals

From Blackwood Productions:
Blood Countess – “S/T” Tape
Saarkoth – “Jera” Tape
Úir – “Óenach Tailten” Tape
Wolfbastard – “Graveyard Sessions” Tape
Ygarokk ‎– “Reign Of The Ancient Miscreant One” Tape

From Filth & Violence:
Bizarre SS – “S/T” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Indoctrination Of Fist & Cock” LP
Hymenal Opening – “Red Hymen” CD

From Freak Animal:
Institute Of Paraphilia Studies Journal #3 Zine
Sadio – “Clean And Tidy” Tape
Sadio – ”Sensuous Agonizing Play” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Annihilatus – “Annihilation” CD
Annihilatus – “Blood And War” CD
Satanic Warmaster – “Strength & Honour” CD
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze – “Split” CD

From Old Europa Café:
Caligula031 – “Land Of Opportunity” CD
Con-Dom/Militia – “Scorched Earth Policy” CD
Militia – “Ambiorix” CD
Militia – “New European Order” 2x CD
SPK – “Live At The Crypt: April London 1981” CD
Sutcliffe Jugend – “Masks” CD
Uncodified – “Comunidad” CD
Uncodified – “Hardcore Methodology”CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta I” CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta II” CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta III” CD

From Pagan War Distro:
Blutkult – “Worldwide Offensive” CD
Goatpenis – “Apocalypse War + Bonus” CD
Goatpenis – “Apocalypse War” CD
Seges Findere – “Massacre Supremacista” CD
Seges Findere – “Wolflike Blitzkrieg” CD
Vesano – “Desassossego” CD

From Sakaramiina Records:
Sniper – “Sotaa” CD
Vapaudenristi – “Ikuinen Kuolema” CD RESTOCK
Vapaudenristi – “Kohti Kaaosta” CD
Vapaudenristi – “Tuomittu Vihaamaan” 7” (This Means War)
Vapaudenristi/Ce Jour Viendra – “Split” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema – “Split” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema – “Split” LP

From Werewolf Records:
Goatmoon – “Voitto Tai Valhalla” CD
Goatmoon/Azazel – “Split“ LP

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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:
Annihilatus – “Death From Above” LP
Dead Reptile Shrine – “Tales Of The Unknown” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Erotic Hell” CD
Ride For Revenge/Sons And Daughters Of Satan – “R.F.R.S.A.D.O.S.” CD
Valhalla Bound – “Virgin Hearts” CD

From KVLT:
Ride For Revenge – “Under The Eye” CD
Ride For Revenge/Bloodhammer – “Split” LP

From Old Captain:
Pogrom – “Father:land” CD
Slogun – “Tearing Up Your Plans” CD
Streicher – “Annihilism” CD

Special Interests #11

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New Arrivals

From Freak Animal:
Ashley C – “Drift” CD
Ashley C – “Timeless Reality” CD
Bastard Noise/U.N.D. – “Split” 7″
Budrus – “Canine Visions IX” CD
Circle Of Shit – “Ladder To God” Tape
Clinic Of Torture – “Slave Sex” Tape RESTOCK
Cloama – “Neuroscan Organization/Blood Illumination” CD
Cloama – “Revisionist Knowledge” CD
Con-Dom – “Live Assault 1/Live Assault 4” CD
Deathkey – “Emanations of Binaural Terror” CD RESTOCK
DMDN – “Agonistes 1+2” CD
Egoproblem (Lasse Marhaug) – “Exit/tape/Kill” CD
Eric Lunde – “Colorado Terrain Investigation” CD
Eric Lunde – “XCHDX/TapeDeathCut” CD
Ethnic Acid – “Power-works 1986-88” 2xCD
Forza Albino – “Black Dog” Tape RESTOCK
Forza Albino – “Black Dog” LP
Gelsomina/Squamata – “Junkyard Behemoth” CD
Grunt – “Dance For Genocide” Tape
Grunt – “Documentation” 3x CD Box Set
Grunt – “Ritual Of Mortality” Tape
Grunt/Cloama – “Valkoinen Kuolema/Belaja Smert” CD
Haare – “Destroy Fascism, Love Forever!” 6x CD Box Set
Jason Crumer – “Two First Records On CD” CD
John Weise/Sickness – “Split” 7″
Junkyard Shaman – ”Flesh Hole” CD
Kinbakushi – “Rope Master” Tape RESTOCK
Mania – “All Aftermath” Tape
Mania – “Ultra-Negative” CD
Martin Bladh – “Dirge: Peter Sotos Files” CD
MO*TE – “Uncut” 4x CD Box Set
Mother Savage – “Kryptopyrrole” CD
MxM “Flesh Biting Paed0phile” CD
One Dark Eye – “Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris” CD
OVMN (Macronympha & Thirdorgan) – “Optimum Volume Maximum Noise” CD
Peenemunde – “II” CD
Puce Mary – “The Great Panic” Tape RESTOCK
Putrefier – “Beyond Scathing” CD
Putrefier – “Cog Dominance” CD
Putrefier – “Unreleased And Compilation Archive” CD
Rotat – “Carnal Beauty” CD
SKM-ETR – “Screwdriver City” 3″ CD
Taint – “Indecent Liberties” CD
Testicle Hazard – “Python In The Bowl” CD
Trait (Eric Lunde) – “Inspirationals” CD
Umpio – “Muelas” CD
V/A – “Hour Of The Wolf” CD
Vigilantism – ”Incessant Authority” CD
Will Over Matter – “Lust for Knowledge” CD
YAO 91404 D – “LenShunZavod” CD
ZSS – “R… Superiority” CD

From Northern Heritage:
Incriminated – “Death Noize” 10″
Incriminated – “Death Noize” CD
MGLA – “Age Of Excuse” CD
Ride For Revenge – “King Of Snakes” CD
Warloghe – “The First Possession” CD RESTOCK

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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus/Prodeath – “Split” 7”
Ride For Revenge/Bizarre Uproar – “Split” CD RESTOCK
Ride For Revenge/RXAXPXE – “Split” CD RESTOCK
Ritual Violence – “S/T” CD RESTOCK

From Breath Of Pestilence:
Der Sturmer – “Bloodsworn II” CD
Der Sturmer/ROTUGF/Command/Fogged By Flesh Flies – “Split” CD
Ravenbanner – “…And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past” CD
Wehrhammer – “Das Ende Naht” CD
Wehrhammer – “Sturmtruppen” 2x CD
Wodulf – “Wargus Esto” CD

From Demented Omen Of Masochism:
Aragon – “Executed By Gibbet” Tape
Cadaveric Possession – “Sanctity Collapsed” Tape
Demented Omen Of Masochism #4 Zine
Kreuziger – “Der Wald Der Gehenkten” CD
Moloch Letalis – “Live In Wolfsburg” Tape
Necrostuprum/Satanic Torment – “Goetes” Tape
Nekrape – “The Hypostasis of the Archons” CD
Radon Trench – “Gods of Decimation” CD
Rot – “Kingdom of Antigod Sodomy” Tape
Rot – “Messiah Death” CD
Throneum/Pazuzu – “In the Crypt Of Hakeldamach Feld” Tape

From Europa Erwache Productions:
Pagan Skull – “In The Hands Of The…” CD
Pagan Skull – “W. Genocide” CD
Pagan Skull/Minu Kamp – “Split” CD
Pagan Skull/Pylvanainen/Diamond Axe – “Split” CD
Pylvanainen “Maamme Raunioilla” CD
Pylvanainen – “Ruoste Ja Rappio” CD
Pylvanainen – “Uuden Ajan Koito” CD
S.A.S. – “Pelkkää Vihaa” CD
S.A.S. – “Teachings In Traditionalism” CD
S.A.S. – “The New Rise of..” CD

From Filth & Violence:
Goatmoon/Bizarre Uproar – “Vaskivittu” 7”
Maskhead – “Pray For Pain” CD
Ritual Violence – “S/T” CD RESTOCK
XE – “Rarities Volume 1” CD

Demented Omen Of Masochism #4 Zine

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New Arrivals

From A.S.K.E.:
Battalion – “S/T” Tape
Gargoyle – “Misericords” Tape + Zine
Hellscape #1 Zine
Hellscape #2 Zine
Occulted Death Stance – “What You Are I Once Was…” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Daytime TV” Tape

From Bestial Burst:
Charity Saints – “S/T” Tape RESTOCK
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – “Willing Followers…” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Chapter Of Alchemy” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Sinking The Song” CD
Subhumannihilation – “S/T” Tape
Subhumannihilation – “War On Modernity” CD

From Filth & Violence:
Bizarre Uproar – “Himosta Rottiin – 017 Live Activities” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Indoctrination Of Fist & Cock” CD
Cervical Smear – “Real-Death Enthusiast” CD
Pogrom – “Multicultural Degeneration” CD

From Freak Animal:
Edge Of Decay – “Passionate Concrete Love” CD
Encephalophonic – “Surgical Mods” CD
Grunt – “Kraniometria” 3” CD
Jaakko Vanhala – “Cuts Of Grace” 3” CD
Kristian Olsson – “Ligranorex” CD
Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag – “S/T” Tape
Nicole 12 – “Black Line” CD
Nicole 12/Taint – “Candyman” CD
Selected Killing – “Secret Tombstone” 3” CD
Umpio – “Acquired Tastes – Lost Tapes 2008-2011” 2x CD
Vile Vulgar – “Private Art” Tape
Worth – “Ruination Assessment” 3” CD
Yana – “Fat Carpet” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Clandestine Blaze – “Falling Monuments” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Harmony Of Struggle” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “New Golgotha Rising” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Tranquillity Of Death” LP RESTOCK
MGLA – “With Hearts Towards None” LP RESTOCK
Noenum – “S/T” CD

From Perkun Records:
Adragard – “From The Burning Mist” CD
Helvellyn – “Woods Of The Forgotten” CD
Nefarious Dusk – “Cold Shadows Over Transylvania” CD
Panzerfaust – “Grand Nuclear Desolation” CD
Samgabial – “???? ? ???????? ????” CD
Sørgelig – “Forever Lost” CD
Sørgelig – “Apostate” CD
Spiritwood – “The Art Of The Subliminal Wayfaring” CD
Wolfenburg – “Wolfenburg” CD

From Sakaramiina Records:
Hate Crime – “Live” CD

From The Ritual Productions:
Burzum – “Anthology: Lord Of Darkness” CD
Darkstorm/Cursed Coven/Ordo Sanguinis Noctis/Stormfront/Goatkolonne – “Split” CD
Irae/Black Command – “The Immortal Circle Of The Adversary” CD
V/A – “Root Of Ultimate Evil: A Tribute To Sabbat” CD

From Wolfsvuur:
Forgotten Cairns – “South of Hell” Tape
Grab – “Plague” Tape
Matar – “2007-2008” Tape
Matar – “Tyhjat Lupaukset” Tape

From Others:
Conjuration ?– “Funeral Of The Living” Tape (No Feelings)
Panzerfaust – “I, Phallus God” CD (Radical Voice)
Ride For Revenge – “King Of Snakes” LP (Fuck Yoga Records)
Ride For Revenge – “Nightmare Disturbances” LP (Final Agony Records)
Seges Findere – “Totenkopf Worship” CD (IG Farben Produktion)
Via Dolorosa – “Ubi Maior Minor Cessat” CD (IG Farben Produktion)
Wapentake – “Vestiges” CD (Those Opposed)
Zywia – “Slowianska Wiara” CD (Radical Voice)