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New Legion Blotan Releases / Distro Update

Please Read: Nothing will ship until Monday 13th September.

New released from Legion Blotan available today:

Absava – “Kaikkiallinen – Kosminen – Tajunta” Tape

Following last year’s triumphant demo, the duo of Antti Klemi (Absolute Key, Circle Of Ouroborous etc…) and Harri Kuokkanen (Hail Conjurer, Ride For Revenge etc…) return with their debut full length album. Eleven tracks of haunting experimental Black Metal with an up-front dark industrial influence collide in a maelstrom of unhinged vocals, buried organic riffs and swirling electronics. As sombre as it is terrifying. Double sided pro-printed glossy insert. CD and LP coming early 2022.


Eofor – “A Blighted Oak” Tape

The long lost second and final demo of short lived and raw black metal band from Yorkshire. This demo, in contrast to the previous, featuring heavy use of keyboards and could certainly fit somewhat uneasily within or adjacent to the Dungeon Synth genre. Minimal presentation with pro-printed glossy insert.


Fangfoss – “The Cruelty Void” Tape

Yorkshire + the paranoia of modern Britain = Ultra-Violence. Following the success of the debut “Steel Toe Cap Iron Will” demo and the split tape with Aad Sleck, Fangfoss return to worship death under the banner of the endless void and contemplate the stark choice between fuck all and nothing. Four new tracks in under 10 minutes of blackened punk stomp misery. Xerox covers with tape stickers. The first lot of tapes ordered directly from Stoic Strength will get alternate packaging, fold-out lyric sheet and a free patch.


Ivar’s Burial/Goatchurch – “Split” Tape

Old school split cassette from these raw black metal acts from opposite ends of England. Ivar’s Burial returns with two new tracks of medieval torture themed suffering in similar vein to their two demo releases which saw the light of day last year. Goatchurch is a new project by a stalwart of the UK Black Metal scene, Glomor, who performs in Pale Mist, Zawrat, Haunted Sanity and other elite entities worthy of high praise. The two tracks presented here mark their debut recordings. Pro-printed glossy insert.


Sarig – “The Misery Of Company” Tape

New mysterious one man entity presenting their debut demo which incorporates elements of Ildjarn-like simplicity with the cold dead sound of churning analog synthesizers. Distant vocals jar with the up-front machine rhythms, synth bass lines and ugly guitar tone. For fans of Valhalla Bound and Dobri Isak. Comes in bag with fold out xerox poster.


Vanyar – “March Rehearsal” Tape

Early Vanyar rehearsal recording from 2010 which was due to be released on a split with a UK project but never saw the light of day. Dug out from the vaults, this short recording captures the foggy essence of the first few releases of the project and was recorded in between the sessions for “Noldorin Of Vanyarian Blood” and “Returning To Woden’s Stone”. Comes in bag with fold out xerox poster.


Vanyar – “White Mountain Oath” Tape

Vanyar returns with a new album of Tolkien Black Metal after nearly five years of silence. Three long tracks taking in the signature sounds the band is known for; mournful mid paced obscurity with heavy guitars, plodding keyboard and bizarre vocal performances. Summon the voices from the caverns and join the march of the dead men of Dunharrow. Pro-printed glossy insert.


Void Of Autumn – “Sanctuary Of Bones” Tape

The obscure debut demo of new project from the Finnish mastermind behind Absolute Key, Circle Of Ourobouros and one half of Legion Blotan’s own Absava; Antti Klemi. A slow paced Black Metal trip through the depression of the coming season, rotting as the leaves die. Pro-printed glossy insert.


Wapentake/Haxan – “Split” CD

CD version of the sold out tape released last year on Ancient Entity Records. Two masters of their craft from the UK and France respectively. Enchanting yet dark folk music from both acts as they weave together seamlessly to form a cohesive whole which is firmly rooted in Black Metal lore. Limited to 100 copies only in digipak packaging.


Woddrea Mylenstede – “I & II” Tape

The first two sold out demo’s (Legion Blotan 2011/12) on one tape by the ghostly Northern English raw black metal band Woddrea Mylenstede. Presented here in their remastered forms as they appeared on both the double LP release of the same name and the “Collection” CD box set. Pro-printed glossy insert.


Woddrea Mylenstede – “Nihthelmgengen” Tape

Tape version of the latest album by extreme raw black metal band Woddrea Mylenstede from Northern England. Full of the mysteries of the abandoned mills that litter the Pennine trail. Buried under layers of ancient tape hiss, the molten riffs bubble under the surface accompanied by the ghastly shrieks of trapped spirits. Pro-printed glossy insert.


The following T-Shirts are  also now available:

Absolute Key T-Shirt
Fangfoss – “Modernity” T-Shirt
Odious Hiss T-Shirt
Woddrea Mylenstede – “I & II” T-Shirt
Woddrea Mylenstede – “Nihthelmgengen” T-Shirt

The following releases have now been added to the distro, the label names are clickable and will take you to the relevant sections.

From Bestial Burst:
Goatmoon – “Hard Evidence: Illegal Live Activities 2009” CD RESTOCK
Moon Oracle – “Muse Of The Nightside” CD
Moon Oracle – “Muse Of The Nightside” LP
Two Runes/Fatherland/Uskonrauha/Valhalla Bound – “Myrsky On Tulossa!” LP

From Breathing Problem Productions:
God Is War – “Apex” LP
Jason Crumer – “Services Rendered” 2x CD
Jason Crumer – “Services Rendered” 3x LP
Morgue Tar/Shotgun Cock – “Partners In Necrophilia” LP
Suspect Unknown – “Let Me In” LP
V/A – “Missing And Exploited Children” 2x LP (Booklet Missing)

From Freak Animal/Industrial Recollections:
Bastard Noise – “Bastard Noise Hails The Finnish Sound Masters/The Symptoms Of A Failing Equilibrium” CD
Grunt – “Perfect World” CD
Grunt – “Last Grip To Sanity” CD
Junta – “4 Eye A.M. Dis Appearing” Tape
Kovana/Circle Of Shit – “Split” Tape
Lusters – “Rock Music” Tape
Mogao – “A Mass Meditation” CD
Moozzhead – “Sideboob Shenanigans” CD

From Manifest Of Hate Creations:
Bound Bible – “Collected Works” Tape
Southern Spruce – “Make Persia Great Again” 7″
Quincunx – “Collected Works” Tape
Upir – “Howling of the Ageless Winds: Hymns for the Black Tapestry of Night” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Clandestine Blaze – “Secrets of Laceration” LP
Diaboli – “Awakening of Nordic Storm” LP
Phlegein – “Labyrinth of Wonder” LP

From Others (Metal):
Helwetti – “S/T” CD (Illuminating Void Productions)
Hollows Tower – “Hollows Tower” Tape (Teutonic Fury Records)
Odious Hiss – “A Vial Of Putrid Hockle” (Hotchin Pit)
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Nihthelmgengen” LP (Final Agony)