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New Turgid Vermin Releases

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce the beginning of new label Turgid Vermin and what a great beginning it is with these two new CD’s:

Skullflower – “Purity” CD

“We stress test sound ’til it buckles, we burn off impurities and reduce it it to its essence…”

Hot on the heels of solstice, we present a new label and a new full length recording from the Yorkshire based, countryside-dwelling legends.

Although Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies release regular Skullflower, and other, sound via their Bandcamp, “Purity” is the first album proper since 2018’s “Werecat Powers…” released on vinyl by Egyptian label Nashazphone. Here are 4 tracks of dark cinematic aurality and wonderment and/or a massive dose of the essence of traditional black psychedelia, its roots in the moors and valleys of Gondal.

Presented in full colour digipak with photography by the band and in an initial run of 500 copies.

Will Over Matter – “Normalcy Restored Through Enemy Castration” CD

This second release for Turgid Vermin and brand new album by Finland’s Will Over Matter project see’s sole member Harold Mentor (Ride For Revenge, Bestial Burst label etc.) perform c. 75 minutes of new and harrowing material in his unique style.

A concept album, “Normalcy Restored Through Enemy Castration” takes topics of primitive warfare and black magic and processes them through filters of old school power electronics and experimental minimalism. Clear, commanding yet droning vocals deliver striking testaments to Satanic philosophies over pulsing abrasive industrial noise and rhythmic electronics.

Presented in a garishly coloured digipak and in an initial run of 200 copies.