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New Arrivals From Final Agony

We are pleased to stock the following releases from elite USA label Final Agony:

Dawnfall ‎– “Dominance Of Darkness” LP
Dead Reptile Shrine ‎– “A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forests” 2xLP
Deathkey ‎- “Emanations Of Binaural Terror” Tape
Funeral Mourning ‎– “Inertia Of Dissonance” Tape
Maléfices – “Muloup/Lupus” 7″
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – “Bloody Aeon Of Fullmoon Sacrifices” 7″
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Black Sun Society” LP
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Nothing Is Forever And Forever Is Nothing” LP

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New A.S.K.E. Section

We are pleased to have finished uploading our entire catalogue of available A.S.K.E. (Anti Social Kultur England) release to the shop. A.S.K.E. is a UK based label releasing underground crude Power Electronics, Black Metal, Punk and Noise Rock and everything in between.

Battalion – “Demo I” Tape
Battalion – “Demo II” Tape
Battalion – “Demo III: Not Dead Yet” Tape
Copper – “S/T” Tape
Killfuck – “S/T” Tape
Lead Slug – “The Problematic Demo” Tape
Medieval Meditation – “S/T” Tape
O.A.F. – “Birstall Live Sessions” Tape
O.A.F. – “S/T” Tape
Occulted Death Stance – “Some Things Are Eternal” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Black Clouds” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Pedo Isles/Whoredom” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Sex Chat” Tape

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New Release From Turgid Animal!

Culver – “The Body Beneath” 10x CD Wooden Box

After 4 years in the works, the time has finally arrived! Turgid Animal is proud to present ten full length CD’s worth of completely unreleased material, from the early 1990’s up to 2013, from long serving legend of Northern Drone; Culver. Culled from scouring over 10 years worth of old tapes for the best material, “The Body Beneath” presents a surprisingly clear narrative from start to finish, given it’s timeline, and clearly demonstrates the continued dedication to his craft that Lee Stokoe has maintained throughout his musical career.

This limited edition collection comes beautifully housed in a screen printed wooden box with a booklet and poster featuring new original artwork by the artist and an insert documenting years worth of Culver gig flyers from Tyneside and beyond…

Enough Culver to keep you comatose for about 12 hours. An essential document for fans of the project.

Click here to purchase

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New Releases From Filth & Violence

The following new releases are now available from Stoic Strength. Released by Filth & Violence! Extreme Power Electronics and Industrial Noise; as always – not for the faint hearted!

Snuff – “III” LP
Black State – “Hlose” LP
Sick Seed – “Power Play” CD
Scatmother – “Vaniticism” CD
Tongue Kiss Hematoma – “S/T” CD
Vernichtung Durch Arbeit – “Hungertod” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “High Risk Lifestyle” CD

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New Arrivals From Darker Than Black & More

From Darker Than Black:

Antisemitex – “Pride Of Silesia” 7”
Bekhira – “Demo 1996″ 10”
Bilskirnir – “Lost Forever” CD
Bilskirnir – “Atavismus Des Glaubens” LP
Blutkult/Nokturne – “Split” 7″
Circle Of Dawn ‎– “Northern Savonian Black Metal” LP
Evil – “Hammerstorm” LP
Ewiges Reich – “Nur Frei Bei Nacht” LP
Feuernacht/Blutkult/Blutaar – “Terror, Tod & Teufel” CD
Gjendød – “Nedstigning” – 12″ LP
Goatmoon/Dark Fury – “Split” 7″
Grudom – “Dødens Likvid” LP
Kvasir’s Blood – “Aloft On Winds Of The Ancients” CD
Legion Of Doom – “God is Dead” LP
Mjölnir – “Magnet Vektor” CD
Norrhem – “Voima Ja Kunnia” CD
Order Of The White Hand/Nordwind – “Victory Monument Of Death” LP
Ostots – “Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna” CD
Sielunvihollinen – “Ruhonkantaja” CD
Vöedtæmhtëhactått/Nekrokrist SS ‎– “I Am The Chaos, The Abyss And The Gloom” LP
Wolves Eyes – “Beneath The Banners of the Elders” CD

From Other Labels:

Black On Black Crime ‎- “Glint” Tape (Self Released)
Dead Beds – Zine
Grunt/Bizarre Uproar/Deathkey/Caligula031 – “Beyond” LP (Deathangle Absolution Records)
Incarnator – “Nordic Holocaust” 7″ (Burznazg Productions)
Nordreich – “Und Es Bleibt Nur Aas” LP (Raging Bloodlust Productions)
Nordreich – “Verschlungene Pfade” LP (Raging Bloodlust Productions)
Pervertum – “Creature Of Ungod” CD (Burznazg Productions)
Profezia – “Oracolo Suicida” LP (Raging Bloodlust Productions)
Profezia – “The Truth Of Ages” LP (Raging Bloodlust Productions)
Trifixion ‎– “The First And The Last Commandment” CD (Burznazg Productions)
Ulfhethnar – “Von Deutscher Art” LP (Self Released)

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New Arrivals From Blackwood Productions

We are honoured to welcome the following titles into the Stoic Strength shop from the UK’s (second) best Black Metal label, Blackwood Productions!

Allegiance – “As The Entity Did Rise” Tape
Ande – “Het Gebeente” Tape
Ereskigal – “Sojourn” Tape
Forefather – “Steadfast” Tape
Forest Moonlight – “Mid-Winter Mournings” CD-r
Forest Moonlight – “Mid-Winter Mournings” Tape
Heathen Deity – “For the Glory of Satan” Double CD-r
Wolfbastard – “Wolfbastard” Tape

Hail the Blackwood!

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New Releases From Filth & Violence: UK Division

The following new releases are now available from Stoic Strength. Released by the UK arm of Filth & Violence! Extreme Power Electronics, Industrial Noise & Noisecore not for the faint hearted!

Please note these will not ship until 1st August 2017.

Aunt Mary – “Sessions Of Extreme Nihilism” CD
Bizarre Uproar/Gelsomina – “2007-2008” 2x CD
Black State – “Hlose” CD
V/A – “Valkoinen Kohina – White Noise” CD

Thank you to all those who took advantage of the 25% off sale on Filth & Violence items last week.


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New Freak Animal Records/etc. Section

We are pleased to have finished uploading our entire catalogue of available Freak Animal, Industrial Recollections, Lolita Slavinder Records, Emergentism and Institute Of Paraphilia Studies in the ‘Freak Animal/etc.‘ section under the ‘label’ part of the menu. All these labels are ran by Mikko Aspa (Northern Heritage Records also) and are very much connected to each other so we felt one section would be acceptable.

A.N.H. – “Agonizing Noisecore Holocaust 1993” CD
Alchemy Of The 21st Century – “Beauty Of Aesthetic Imperfection” CD (Freak Animal)
Armon Kuilu – “S/T” CD
Armon Kuilu – “S/T” LP
Arse – “Discography” CD (Lolita Slavinder Records)
Arseslaughter – “Discography” CD (Lolita Slavinder Records)
Bizarre Uproar – “Lihaevankeliumi” 3x CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Purification” CD
Brethren – “Alienated And Radicalized” CD
Brethren – “Alienated And Radicalized” Tape
Brethren – “Savage Inequalities” Tape
Celebrity Appreciation Society – “Selected Case Studies Volume 2: Scandinavian Syndrome” Tape
Clinic Of Torture – “Rope Suspension” CD
Clinic Of Torture – “Slave Sex” Tape
Con-Dom – “Live Assault 1/Live Assault 4” LP (Industrial Recollections)
Con-Dom – “Subjection” CD (Industrial Recollections)
Deathkey – “Emanations Of Binaural Terror” CD
Edge Of Decay – “Halogeeni Helvetti” Tape
Edge Of Decay – “Kiihko” Tape
Encephalophonic – “Hurtcore” Tape
Encephalophonic – “Psychopathological Entertainment” CD
Forza Albino – “Black Dog” Tape
Grunt – “Chance To Be Cruel” Tape
Grunt – “Long Lasting Happiness” CD
Grunt – “Myth Of Blood” CD
Grunt – “Petturien Rooli” CD
Grunt – “Sacrosanct Imperium” Tape
Grunt – “Swarm Of Parasites” Tape
Grunt – “World Draped In A Camouflage” CD
Grunt – “Europe After Storm” CD
Grunt – “Myth Of Blood” LP
H.Ö.H. “S/T” CD
Haare – “Funeral Of Souls” CD
Hal Hutchinson – “Industrial Development” Tape
Kinbakushi – “Rope Master” Tape
Knurl – “Thoracia” Tape
Macronympha/Grey Wolves/Sudden Infant – “Interzone 3” CD
Mania – “Decrepit” Tape
Mania – “Grim Conditions” Tape
Mania – “Insidious & Alone” Tape
Mania – “Foul Inside” 3” CD
Nicole 12 – “Playground” CD
Nicole 12 – “Substitute” CD
Organized Resitance – “Day Of The Rope” Tape
OWL – “Tapes 97-99” CD (Freak Animal/Arkitso)
Pain Nail – “Magneettinen Kohtalo” LP
Puce Mary – “The Great Panic” Tape
Puce Mary – “Ultimate Hypocrisy” Tape
Red Light – “Red Light” Tape
Sadio – “Sophisticated Methods In Torture” CD
Sadio – “Sophisticated Methods In Torture” Tape
Sadio/Caligula031 – “Split” LP
Sadio/Prurient – “Split” LP
Sick Seed ‎– “Failed Rituals” 3” CD
Silence Of Vacuum – “4: Sealwear / Heartbest & Chains” Tape
Silence Of Vacuum – “Under Three Layers” Tape
Splintered – “Turned Inside Out” 2x CD
Taint – “Indecent Liberties” Tape
Umpio ‎– “Trankilo” 3” CD
V/A – “Nihilist Assaultcore” CD
V/A – “Terror Campaign” CD (Freak Animal)
V/A – “Noise War” 5 x CD + Booklet
V/A – “Suomi Noisecore” CD (Freak Animal)
Will Over Matter – “Suomi Vanhan Testamentin Näyttämönä” Tape
Will Over Matter – “Toisesta Maailmasta” Tape
Will Over Matter – “Visio Ja Toteutus” Tape
Wince – “Traum” CD
YesMeansYes/7 Minutes Of Nausea – “Split” CD (Lolita Slavinder Records)

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New Arrivals From Northern Heritage & More

From Northern Heritage:

Clandestine Blaze – “Archive 1” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Archive 2” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Archive 3” LP
Diaboli – “Anthems Of Sorrow” LP
Diaboli – “Mesmerized By Darkness” LP
Diaboli – “Towards Damnation” LP

From Other Labels:

Pale Mist ‎– “Spreading My Wings Into The Abyss That Calls” CD (Sinister Stench)
Pox – “S/T” Tape (Impious Desecration Records)
Tyfon’s Doom ‎– “Demo ’15” Tape (Impious Desecration Records)
Viande ‎– “Viande” Tape (Impious Desecration Records)
Wapentake ‎– “Murmurations” Tape (Lighten Up Sounds)