Celtic Rainforest – “Roedden Ni Yma Gyntaf” Tape



Every time we hear word of new material from the elusive Welshman Cadwyr, the sole man behind the Celtic Rainforest project, we wonder just how far the material will be pushed and pulled into the furthest reaches of  genre-bending obscurity this time… This collection of 30 minutes of new material does not disappoint and goes even further than one could have been imagined; taking in elements of Black & Death Metal, Noise & Power Electronics, Classical, Dungeon & Keller Synth, Folk Punk, Trip Hop, Synth Pop, Hard Rock, Industrial, Dance & Techno music as well as sweeping up everything else in between. “Roedden Ni Yma Gyntaf”, Welsh for “We Were Here First”, is not, musically at least,  a spicy blend that will suit everyone, but it is also not readily a blend that could be pulled off a seamlessly by others as it is made to sound here. Dedicated to those who fly the flag of True Wales. Comes on stickered tapes inside a full colour, double sided A6 package.

Listen: https://legion-blotan.bandcamp.com/album/roedden-ni-yma-cyntaf

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