Wapentake – “Madrigals” LP



Legion Blotan is proud to present the beautiful 2021 album from Hampshire’s Wapentake. The principle musical outlet of one Hreodbeorht, Wapentake delivers seven tracks of Black Metal influenced Folk with an emphasis on the acoustic. At times both sobering and haunting, yet at others reminding of the gentle quiet of spring time in the pastures of rural England. The musicality of Wapentake evolves ever further with time, incorporating more percussive elements than previous releases which make for a dynamic listen. “Madrigals” is a glowing rarity in the annals of modern British music in general but even more so within our rigid underground scenes; Hreodbeorht’s ability to take the listener on a journey and tell a cohesive story throughout this instrumental work is astounding in our over-literal world. 100 copies on black vinyl with black labels in thick PVC sleeves with full colour insert.

Listen: https://legion-blotan.bandcamp.com/album/madrigals

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