White Medal – “Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal” 2x LP


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Originally released on CD by Bubonic Productions and Legion Blotan back in 2012, “Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal”, compiled the essential early White Medal releases (Agbrigg Beast LP & Alone As Owt MLP) with 2 additional unreleased tracks and “Northumbrian Tyrants”, previously released on a Legion Blotan compilation tape.
Over a decade has passed and to celebrate this unbreakable Anglo-Portuguese alliance, Altare proudly presents the vinyl version of “Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal” featuring the original compilation contents (“Agbrigg Beast” LP & “Alone As Owt” MLP are finally available on vinyl since Seedstock’s original pressings back in 2010 & 2011), plus “Blod O T’North Seeur / Lam” EP and “Heathen Ridings Return” EP tracks.
To those unfamiliar with White Medal, this is quintessential English underground music:
punkish, raw Black Metal with a strong and unique identity.
Double LP (black vinyl), presented in a single 5 mm jacket. Comes with an insert.

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