Shame Celebration – “Two Snakes” Tape



Shame Celebration is a Singapore/UK-based noise project executed by Damien Chong. With expertly crafted audible chaos, abrasive noise and ambient tranquility, “Two Snakes” well defined sound is very experimental in nature; all five tracks utilise multiple layers, styles, samples and approaches ranging from Dark Ambient and Harsh Industrial Noise to Electro-Acoustic elements with even a hint of rhythm and beyond. The material was mostly recorded in the dead of night using a single microphone, a distortion pedal and a laptop, during the process of recovery from a psychotic episode, making for a very uneasy yet cathartic listen. Thematically, Two Snakes addresses guilt and shame from hurting the ones we love. The subject of shame as a valid emotion is often overlooked in Western society, and perhaps it’s time to change that and celebrate our improper conscious! Presented in double-sided glossy J-Card covers, complete with on-tape stickers.


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