Feth – “Numerus Bestiae” Tape



Feth is a Dungeon/Comfy Synth project from England playing the sounds of the woodland and beyond. “Numerus Bestiae” is a 60+ minute compilation of carefully selected tracks, previously only-digitally available, from several releases, now available for the first time on cassette. Taking in obscure literary references and shaping intricate, beautiful melodies and soundscapes to retell their forgotten tales. A true unique entity, Feth stands as a shining light in the wider Dungeon Synth scene, remaining completely at ease with ploughing their own furrow and taking the music where it goes, and when, very naturally. Double-sided, full colour glossy covers and on-tape stickers.

Listen: https://steelmartyr.bandcamp.com/album/numerus-bestiae

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