Rottrevore – “Disembodied” CD (Necroharmonic)

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Demo discography of the Early US death metal bands from PA . Ultra Low vocals , super sewage slow parts , and one of the most brutal sounds of the old school years of Death metal !! Contains demo ” the Epitome of Pantalgia ” 1990 , , the ” Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious ” 7 ep , the ” Fornication In Delerium ” 7 ep , comp tracks from the ” Pantalgia ” comp , rare comp track ” Clogged Sewer Pipe ” and more… original layout with photos straight from the band….

Tracks 1-5 from the “The Epitome of Pantalgia” Demo 1990
Tracks 6-9 from the “Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious” EP
Tracks 10-11 from the “Fornication in Delirium” EP
Track 12 from the “Son of Bllleeeeaaauuuurrrrgghhh!” Comp.-EP
Track 13 from the “Pantalgia” Comp.-LP

Necroharmonic release
Sleazy 012

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