Old Corpse Road – “Of Campfires And Evening Mists” CD (Cacophonous)



Brand new 2016 album!

Durham quintet OLD CORPSE ROAD create haunting, sophisticated, melodic Black Metal based on English Folklore. Captivating the ears of the resurrected cult UK record company Cacophonous, the band eagerly signed a deal to release their new album Of Campfires and Evening Mists.Speaking about the recording, the band voice their thoughts on the album; “the music flows from fierce black metal through to powerful melodic passages and onto serene yet haunting moments. We have taken time to fully explore the moods and themes of each story, leading to long but enthralling songs”.


1. Opening the Circle – Of Campfires and Evening Mists
2. The Whispers of Long Meg through the Solstice
3. Herne of Windsor Forest
4. Pendle – Daughters of the Black Moon
5. Sorrow through Pendle Woods
6. The Great Thunderstorm
7. Peg Powler
8. Closing the Circle – Hail and Farewell

65 minutes approx

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