Northern Darkness #4


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NORTHERN DARKNESS Issue IV features a face to face interview with BEHEMOTH bassist Orion, and also JB and Ludwig of GRAND MAGUS. (Both interviews took place back stage at their Manchester show – December 2014)

Other bands interviewed are Sheffield’s black metal titans FORNEUS, the amazing ETHEREAL FOREST, and some truly sickening underground gems in the black and death metal world, GRIMACE and SIRHK. More great bands interviewed include… Canadian thrashers Mutank, the UK’s own crusty death dealers Winds of Genocide and my favourite doom band right now, Uncoffined. Plus… Pale Mist, Protokult, Barshasketh, Gol, Live Burial, Iron Void, Resuscitation, Septekh, Misty Morning, Ethereal, and Kever.

PLUS, a memorial for the departed stoner doomsters MOONLESS and a shed load of reviews…

I’ve also included a little scene report on some up and coming Norwegian black metal bands. Might be interesting.

Also making a return is BLURGH the Cat, everyone’s favourite black metal kitty comic strip!

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