Jesus Chrust – “The Last Temptation of Jesus Chrust” CD


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Blasphemous grind noise from Massachusetts, USA. Formed in late 80´s, the band´s trademark has always been lyrics lifted from the bible, performed in a very blasphemous manner. Short fast blasts of filthy grind noise combined with slower tracks of the most primitively painful black doom. Jesus Chrust can also be viewed as a pioneering black noise band, as later some of the members formed bands like Gonkulator, Goat Thrower, Bone Ritual and Goat Felch. They´re also known from underground bands since the 80´s like Psycho, GG Allin and the Bulge, Post Mortem and Cancerous Growth. CD Includes all Jesus Chrust material ever recorded: 14 new tracks, “Blasphemy” 7″EP from 1990, “I.N.R.I. – I´m Nailed Right In” 7″EP from 1991 and their song off the Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7″EP. Total 50 songs in 41 minutes, raw sound. 8 page booklet with new artwork and lyrics for the new songs, original lyric sheets of both old ep´s and the iconic Blasphemy 7″ artwork by Jeff Clayton first time in full colour.

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