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New Releases From Legion Blotan

We are proud to finally present the following brand new releases from Legion Blotan:

Occulted Death Stance – “Soil Of The Grave” Tape
Pict – “S/T” Tape
Satanhartalt – “Ágenslaga” Tape
Vanyar – “Abandoned” Tape
White Medal – “Deeard Heritage: Lyke Wake Instrumental Demos” Tape
White Medal – “Lyke Wake” Tape
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Créda Beaducwealm” Tape
Wóddréa Mylenstede – “Cwylmendéaþ” Tape

And brand new designs in the T-Shirt section:

Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – Black T-Shirt S-XL
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – Yellow T-Shirt S-XL
White Medal – “Lyke Wake” T-Shirt S-XL
White Medal – “Yorkshire Sun” T-Shirt S-XL

Listen to the new releases on the Legion Blotan Bandcamp.

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New Arrivals From Darker Than Black

We are pleased to now stock the following items from one of the greatest label’s on offer; Darker Than Black:

Aryan Art – “Harmony – Eternity – Universe” Tape
Bagatur ‎– “Сказание За Древнобългарското Величие” LP
Dødkvlt ‎– “IV – You Sought the Truth Only to Find Death” CD
Evil – “Rites Of Cleansing” 7”
Infamous/Winter Blackness ‎– “Symbols of Scarlet Revenge” 7”
Jarnvidr – “Förqwäwd” LP
Reverorum Ib Malacht – “Demo 09” CD
The Helheim Society/Vendetta Blitz ‎– “Fenris/Vendetta” CD
White Death/Forlor – “Split” 7”
Wolfblood – “Wolfblood” CD

Hail DTB!

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New Releases From Filth & Violence: UK Division

The following new releases are now available from Stoic Strength. Released by the UK arm of Filth & Violence! Extreme Power Electronics, not for the faint hearted!

XE – “Black Hole” CD
Flagellatio Orgasmus – “Criminal Russia” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Hardcore” 3x CD + DVD Box
Scatmother – “Flowers Of Maltreatment” CD
Black State – “Offensive Weapon” 7″

And new for the T-shirt section:

Bizarre Uproar – T-Shirt (UK Exclusive)
Black State – T-Shirt (UK Exclusive)
Filth & Violence: UK Division – T-Shirt (UK Exclusive)
XE – T-Shirt (UK Exclusive)

Hail Filth!

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New Arrivals From Final Agony

Official distribution of Final Agony finally a reality. Due to brutal and surprising import duty charge the prices are higher than they should be. The following are now available from the Final Agony section of the site:

Blue Hummingbird On The Left/Volahn ‎– “Debajo Del Simbolo Del Sol” 7”
Cirrhus ‎– “Live Rehearsal May 2nd 2009” LP
Déliquescence/Neige Et Noirceur – “Split” 7”
Ghost Kommando – “Paramount” Tape
In Ketten ‎– “Live At JVA Ichtershausen 1995” LP
Intolitarian ‎– “Extermination Campaign” LP
Monte Penumbra ‎– “The Black Realm Vigil” CD
Pestilentia ‎– “Where The Light Dies” LP
Slægt ‎– “Ildsvanger” CD

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New Arrivals From Darker Than Black

We are officially an official distributor of Darker Than Black titles going forward. Any requests for older titles that we don’t have already, please get in touch. With this said, the following have now been added to the shop:

Blood Stronghold ‎– “Vengeance In Sacrificial Blood” CD
Blutaar – “Wider den Zeitgeist” CD
Fremdreich/Noxia ‎– “Kein Platz/Remnants Of The Arcane” CD
Heathen Hammer ‎– “Kinship Destiny” LP
Jarnvidr/Grafvölluðr ‎– “:Av Germanskt Blod:” LP
Malefica ‎– “Ancient Burial Mounds” CD
Nordvrede ‎– “Confrontation” CD
Order Of The Death’s Head ‎– “Sous Le Signe De Thulé” CD
Recluse ‎– “Stillbirth In Bethlehem” LP
Serpentfyre ‎– “Bestial Mysticism” CD
Veles/Legion – “Blood On My Knife” CD
Vornat – “Vornat” 2x LP
Wotanorden ‎– “Legends Of The Valorous Fallen” CD

Hail DTB!

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Stoic Strength/New Additions

The decision has been made to merge both Metal and Noise distribution under one banner; Stoic Strength. All the labels we distribute from the rancid Power Electronics of Filth & Violence to the Pagan Folk Metal of Blackwood Productions will now be available from the same site. The reason for this is simple; massive cross over of customers who are interested in both genres as well as less maintenance than managing two sites…

We are only going to distribute releases by labels we fully support and want to keep the entire catalogue of and related labels/bands in stock – regardless on genre.

In the first half of this year we got rid of 99% of our Black Metal distro which was taken by Northern Darkness Zine & Distro. They have everything listed at rock bottom prices so grab some bargains over there. They are also running a new label which deserves your support: Carvetii Productions – Hail Hen Ogledd!

Due to having such a large noise distro in the past we have quite a few random odds and ends which will all be listed for very cheap prices on our Discogs page. If you would like to deal outside Discogs or you run a noise distro yourself and want some stock at wholesale prices, please get in touch.

New arrivals in from Bestial Burst including the Orthank and C.B.A. CD’s. All hail Bestial Burst! Flooded Church of Asmodeus T-shirt coming soon! The Filth & Violence section is slowly being populated. We have all their available releases and some older sold out titles also. New Filth & Violence releases out in the first week of December all being well. Sections for Turgid Animal, Wealth Of Abuse, Freak Animal, Final Agony etc… will be added soon!

Keep checking the site as products will be added on a daily basis.

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New Additions

New releases in from Bestial Burst by the likes of Flooded Church Of Asmodeus,  one of our personal favourite filthy Finnish bands, Edasi and Dark Power Electronics Rituals from RxAxPxE, Germany.

We found some copies of one of the best underground metal zines you are likely to find also; Slaves! Issue 2 is back in stock! Great interview with Antichrist Kramer here… find it in the new Zines & Books section of the site.

Last but not least are the 3 newest releases from legendary US Death Metal label Necroharmonic including new double disc sets from Mortician & Incantation as well as a reissue of obscure material by Finnish Death Metal band Interment.

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Blackwood Productions & Old Corpse Road

There is a new section on the site from one of Northern England’s most dedicated labels; Blackwood Productions. All their releases so far have been expertly produced and hand crafted tapes and CD-rs made with dedication, passion and care. Label owner and Darlington native The Bearer, as well as being guitarist and vocalist in legendary British Folk Metal band Old Corpse Road, also runs the best Black Metal festival that we have here in the North – Blackwood Gathering. Taking in local sounds from Northern England as well as further afield.

We also have available all the Old Corpse Road albums and various side projects by it’s members; there is plenty to discover and worship.

Hail Northumbria! Hail Darlo! Hail O.C.R! Hail Blackwood!


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New Release

Legion Blotan is proud to present the long awaited second album by Yorkshire’s White Medal. “Lyke Wake” features 9 new tracks recorded in 2015. The new songs follow on from “Guthmers Hahl” (2013) in terms of song writing and over all feeling but with a more refined sound. All lyrics in Yorkshire dialect with very personal themes of graft, death, grief, loss and paganism. Mastered by KARK in Norway. Artwork by close friend of the band, Sindre Foss Skancke (Utarm et al.). Layout by Si Clark. Co-released with the mighty Darker Than Black (Germany).

The LP version will be ready in 2-4 weeks.