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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:
13th Apostle – “Post Annihilism” Tape
Anal Sex – “S/T” CD
C.B.A. – “Alpine Resistance” CD
Hail Conjurer + Metsäkirkko – “Maailmansyöjä” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Ageless Powers Arise” CD RESTOCK
Ride For Revenge – “Feed The Infamy” LP RESTOCK
Tok Yathraa – “Chapter: Orang Minyak” CD

From Death Hymns:
Ärid – “From Anthropophagic Waste Breeds A Writhing Mutagenesis” LP
El-Ahrairah – “El-Ahrairah” LP
Gates Of Dawn – “Gates Of Dawn” LP
Tenebrositas – “Terra Miseriae” 2x LP
Watchmaker – “Kill.Fucking.Everyone” LP

From Death Prayer Records:
Crucifixion Bell/Krieg – “Split” CD
Crucifixion Bell/Krieg – “Split” Tape

From Freak Animal:
Alchemy Of The 21st Century – “Beauty Of Aesthetic Imperfection” CD RESTOCK
Arse – “Discography” CD (Lolita Slavinder Records) RESTOCK
Ashley CD – “Drift” CD RESTOCK
Bizarre Uproar – “Cunt Animal” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Cunt Animal” LP
Clinic Of Torture – “Rope Suspension” CD RESTOCK
Contortus – “Reality Is Hidden For A Reason” CD
Control – “Algolagia” CD
Control – “World Of Lies” CD
Decondition – “Not Even The Universe Remains” CD
Ethnic Acid – “Power-Works 1986-88” 2x CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Hehku” CD
Grunt – “Petturien Rooli” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Terror And Degeneration” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “World Draped In A Camouflage” CD RESTOCK
Haare – “Destroy Fascism Love Forever” 6x CD Box Set RESTOCK
Human Larvae – “Pure Sex” CD
Kovana – “Club Catharsis” CD
Veprisuicida – “Heavy Metal Cyclothymia/Science Friction” CD RESTOCK
Vigilantism – “Incessant Authority” CD RESTOCK
Vigilantism – “Nox Ultra” CD RESTOCK
YANA – “Chimerism” CD RESTOCK

From Manifest Of Hate Creations:
Funeral Vulva – “Carne Vescerentur Humana” Tape
K.F.R – “Shaytan 2.0” Tape RESTOCK
Quincunx – “Collected Works” Tape RESTOCK

From Northern Heritage:
Noenum – “S/T” CD RESTOCK
Satanic Warmaster – “Black Kathasis” LP
Satanic Warmaster – “Strength & Honour” 2x LP
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze – “Split” LP

From Pant y Meddygon:
Bätlick – “Dominion” Tape
Chevallier Skrog – “Bazejovitzky Tribunal” Tape
Entrance To Existence – “Motion/Hardly Calm Mind” Tape
Nidagh – “The Fall Of The Iron Claw” Tape
Steelworker – “Porn Labour Doublethink” Tape
Szmej – “Szmej” 7″

From Sakaramiina Records:
Vapaudenristi – “Ikuinen Kuolema” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pyha Kuolema – “Split” CD

From Others:
Caverne – “Aux Fronticres Du Monde” CD RESTOCK
Caverne – “Sentiers D’Avant” CD RESTOCK
Modernity – “Incremental Displacement & Revisionist Judgement” Tape (Coolstown Mayor)
Mutant Ape & Fecalove – “Live Greatest Hits” Tape (Joy De Vivre)
Pale Mist – “Through The Labyrinth And Into Connectivity” Tape (Goatowarex)
W.A.I.L. – “Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination And Lunacy Vol. II” CD (Triumphant Transgressions)

Boothaevens #7 Zine
IOPS #3 Zine
IOPS #4 Zine
Jukka Siikala – “Seksnobyl” Zine
Kolyma #4 Zine
Special Interests #9 Zine
Special Interests #10 Zine
Special Interests #11 Zine
Special Interests #12 Zine
Special Interests #13 Zine
The Black Book: Abhorrent Examination Index #3 Zine
The Dissection Archives #2 zine