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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:
Dobhar Chú – “Blood Curses Under The Celtic Moon” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Sinister” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Sinister” LP
Ride For Revenge – “Feed The Infamy” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Feed The Infamy” LP
Ride For Revenge – “Wisdom of the Few” CD
Rivologi – “Johtajamme Kuva 1944 – 2003” CD
Valhalla Bound – “Hail The Warrior” CD
V/A – “Grind War Finland” CD RESTOCK
V/A – “Thrashing Relics Volume 1: Underground Thrash Metal From Finland 1987-1990” CD RESTOCK
V/A – “Thrashing Relics Volume 2: Finnish Trash Metal 1988-1989” CD RESTOCK

From Black Casket/Ethereal Tower Records:
Akvan – “Two Centuries Of Silence” Tape
Вампырь/Naubat – “Wolfstanz” Tape
Besteigung – “Gotisch Traumtänzer” Tape
Besteigung – “Hymnen an die Nacht” Tape
Cemeteria – “Divine Sorrow” Tape
Chernomor – “Night” Tape
Cineastre – “Auwald” Tape
Empty Chalice – “Spiritual Abuse” Tape
Kar’A’Karn – “Fires Of The Empyrean” Tape
Kar’A’Karn – “When The Last Hour Comes” Tape
Logos – “Crushing The Celestial Chains” Tape
Ludochka – “In The Name Of The Flesh… In The Name Of The Blood” Tape
Mushroom Grandpa – “Sleep In Herbs” Tape
Old Distant Weep ‎– “Bliss In Eternal” Tape
Revelations of Rain – “Revelations of Rain” Tape
Ronzatore Gorgogliatore – “Murky Wat’rs” Tape
Sabbra – “Raven Frost” Tape
The Austrasian Goat – “Piano and Stump” Tape
Труп Колдуна – “Возвращение в Подземелья” Tape
Wassail – “Fires of Cernunnos” Tape

From Others (Metal):
Coffin Mulch – Supposed To Rot” 7″ Flexi (At War With False Noise)
Dark Fury/Evil/Pagan Hellfire – “We Know How To Hate” Tape (Werewolf Promotion)
Dunkelheit – “Mors Aeterna” Tape (Werewolf Promotion)
Elfenbloed – “Voor Den Eer Van Ons Geschied…” Tape (Heidens Hart)
Humanart – “(Further) Into The Depths” Tape (Nekrogoat Heresy Productions)
Pagan Hellfire – “Distant Winds Return” Tape (Tour De Garde)
Pagan Hellfire ‎– “On The Path To Triumph” Tape (Tour De Garde)