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New Arrivals

From Abhorrent Creation Tapes:
Astro – “Far In The Distance” CD
Boredom Knife/Tyhjio – “Split” CD
Government Alpha – “Affective Imagery” CD
Melek Tha – “Triumph Of Death” 2x CD
Thirdorgan – “S/T” CD

From Astral Nightmare Productions:
Adversus Semita – “Ad Mortem Cunae Agitantur” CD
Ancient Hatred – “Glorification Of The End” CD
Bloodisthin – “Dearest Catharsis” CD
Czarnobog – “Night Of Uralic Storm” CD
Gasmask/Black Cum – “Verses Of Insults” CD
Gloomy Misanthropy – “Dark Procession From The Abyss” CD
Gnitterswart – “Sne Up De Düsterne Holt” CD
Hexenfluch – “Aradia” CD
Mortuary – “Mortuary” CD
Mythic Dawn – “Hyllningskväden” CD
Necromonarchia Daemonum – “Death Tunes: We Call The Darkness” CD
Nightwalker/Winterfullmoon/Lord Frimost – “Split” CD
Trübnis – “Schattenverse” CD
Verflucht – “Verflucht” CD

From Bestial Burst:
Ceremonial Torture/Black Goat- “Black Magic Compendium” CD
Goatmoon – “Son Of The Northwind” CD
Kurnugia – “Blood And Necrosemen” CD
Rape Over Chaos – “Dead Insect Smell” CD
Sombre Figures/Moon Oracle – “Split” CD
Unsalvation – “Decimation By Revelation” CD

From Death Kvlt Productions:
Adder – “MMXIX” LP
Inferno Requiem – “Nüwa” 2x LP
Kyrios – “Saturnal Chambers” 7″
Lamp of Murmuur – “Heir Of Ecliptical Romanticism” CD
Maiden Hair – “Trewanmead” LP
Revenant Marquis/Lamp of Murmuur – “Split” CD
Vetëvrakh – “Dominion Of Terror” Tape

From Death Prayer Records:
Lamp of Murmuur – “Punishment and Devotion” CD
Somme – “Prussian Blood” CD
Somme – “Somme” CD

From Eternal Death Records:
Ceremonial Worship/Omenfilth – “Pact of Morbid Conspiracy” Tape
Eviscerate” – Beneath Dying Skies” CD
One Master – “The Quiet Eye of Eternity” LP
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – “Chthonic Blood Mysteries” Tape
Torresian Call/Welldweller – “Split” Tape
Wald Krypta – “Possessed by Nothingness” LP

From Freak Animal/Industrial Recollections:
Aprapat – “Aprapat” 2x CD
Haare – “Funeral Of Souls” CD RESTOCK
Hal Hutchinson – “Cold Industrial Experience” CD
Pain Nail – “Salainen Diktatuuri” CD
Toteslaut – “Strident Impurity” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 3” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 4” CD
Will Over Matter – “Aviation Hypnosis” CD

From Goatprayer Records:
Abyssal/Carcinoma – “Apanthropinization” CD
Adder – “MMXIX” LP
Dolven – “Navigating The Labyrinth” CD
Hosste – “In Sullen Praise of Somnus” Tape
Lamp of Murmuur – “Heir Of Ecliptical Romanticism” CD
Revenant Marquis/Lamp of Murmuur – “Split” CD
Whipstriker – “Seven Inches Of Hell – The Complete…” 2x Tape Box Set

From Iron Scourge/Gutter Disease:
Anatta – “S/T” Tape
Cervical Smear – “Ophelia” CD
Hate Sermon – “Steel Fortress” Tape
Helleruin – “War Upon Man” CD
Kadaver/Sodomy From Beyond – “Double Negative” Tape
Vihameditaatio – “Ilmestyksiä Ajan Lopulta” Tape

From No Name Distro:
Avvikelsse – “Avvikelsse” Tape
Barrows – “Discord And Society” Tape
Bruxism – “Agonising Noise For The Helpless” Tape
Disjawn – “Blunt Smoke Night” Tape
Disprove – “Total Disprove” Tape
Frantic – “Damaging Noisecore” Tape
Frantic – “Noise Punx Attack!” Tape
Fuzzy Glue Buzz – “Busy Fuckers, The Noise Punks” Tape
Insolent Wretch – “Demo Tracks 2018-2020” Tape
Last Agony – “S/T” Tape
Last Kaste – “Demo 2016” Tape
Lastly – “Noizecore From Under-Depoplated Areas…” Tape
Narcoleptics – “2018 EP” Tape
Phane – “10 Charged Trax” Tape
Phozgene – “Phozgene” Tape
Regression – “Progress” Tape
Scumraid – “Control” Tape
Sekrete – “Endless Fucking Nightmare” Tape
Sow Threat – “Why?” Tape
Suss Law – “Fight Against The Slime Bags” Tape
Svaveldioxid – “Krigets Brutalitet + Bonus Tracks” Tape
Vägra – “Last Breath EP” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Bloodhammer – “Henki Tähtien Takaa” CD
Exordium – “Nihil INRI” CD
MGLA – “Exercises In Futility” LP RESTOCK
Stabat Mater – “Treason By Son Of Man” CD
Warloghe – “Three Angled Void” CD

From Onism Productions:
Amherawdr – “Adorned With The Figures Of Snakes” CD
Druon Antigon – “Desontstijging” CD
Epitimia – “Allusion” CD
GAFR – “Trilogy Of The Gods” Tape
Grey Aura – “Zwart Vierkant” CD
Lord Orots – “Conquering The Infinite Void” CD
Misertus – “Daydream/Coil/Outland” 3x CD
Phreneticum – “Der Stille Zerfall” CD
Pure – “Seeds of Despair” Tape
Teitan – “Vákuum” CD
Thermohaline – “Maelström” CD

From Putrid Cult:
Anaboth – “Scierwo o Bruk” CD
Blood Stronghold – “Spectres Of Bloodshed” CD
Cadaveric Possession – “The Malevolent Predestination” CD
Cadaveric Possession – “Sanctity Colapsed” CD
Cadaveric Possession – “Sephirothic Desiccation” CD
Coffinshade/Optophobic – “Hymns Of Sorrow And Fear” CD
Destroyers – “Dziewiec Kregów Zla” CD
Evil Sorcery – “Death Meditation” CD
Gates Of Tyrant – “Vortex Towards Death” CD
Goathrone – “Sodom & Gomorrah” CD
Goathrone – “The Black” CD
Gyötrelem – “Üresség” CD
Hells Coronation/Cadaveric Possession Cadaveric Goatserpents’…” CD
Impure Declaration – “No Paths, No Guide” CD
Incinerator – “Rotten Flesh Macabre” CD
Incinerator/Pure Massacre – “The Second Death” CD
Incinerator/Vile Apparition – “Split” CD
Magnus – “Alcoholic Suicide” CD
Morbid Stench – “Doom & Putrefaction” CD
Necrobiosis – “My Soul + Demo” CD
Nekkrofukk – “Mysterious Rituals In The Abyss Of Sabbath…” CD
Nunslaughter/Vomit Of Doom – “Live Witchout Mercy” CD
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – “In The Black Tomb Of Time” CD
Putrid Evil/Distres – “Chapel of Stillborn Messiah” CD
Putrid Evil/Sacrofuck/Execution Of Light – “Putrid Graveyard…” CD
Satanic Might – “Arrival Of The Winterwinds” CD
Sepulchral Cult – “Immurement Spirits And Graveyard Chants” CD
Sinistrous Diabolus – “Total Doom //Desecration” CD
Sulphurhaze/Omenfilth – “Veneration of Cruel Lust” CD
Upon The Altar – “Absid ab Ordine Luminis” CD
Waroath – “Infernal Tortures Hordes” CD
Waroath/Czarna Trumna/Cthulhu Rites – “Black Oath Rites” CD
Witch Head Nebula – “Krzyki z Prózni” CD

From Others (Metal):
Altered Heresy – “Black Hearts Of Misanthropic Benevolence” Tape (Gramschap)
Caverne – “La Fin De Tous Les Chants” CD (Résilience)
Early Grave – “S/T” CD (Hell’s Tone Records)
Kriegsmaschine – “Altered States Of Divinity” CD (No Solace)
Marblebog – “Aeon” CD-r (Colmorlig Creations)
Marblebog – “Csendhajnal” CD (War Against Yourself)
Marblebog – “Ermitus” Tape (Colmorlig Creations)
Marblebog – “Forestheart” CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records)
Marblebog – “Kietlen” CD (Cyclopean Eye Productions)
Marblebog – “Wind Of Moors” CD (Tour De Garde)
Marblebog/Vorkuta – “Wanderings” CD (New Scream Industry)
No Above No Below – “Point Of Climax” Tape (KVNT Kollectiv)
Oppress. – “Regina Mundi” Tape (KVNT Kollectiv)
Pale Mist – “Through The Labyrinth And Into Connectivity” CD (Werewolf Promotion)

From Others (Noise):
Asattarn – “Mu” Tape (Colmorlig Creations)
Asattarn/AiboriA – “Voyage Through the Night/Halcyon Days” CD-r (Colmorlig Creations)
Haare – “Acid Realm” CD (Old Europa Cafe)
Intolitarian – “Modernity Resistance” CD (Deathangle Absolution Records)
Savage Gospel/Vanhala – “Split” Tape (New Forces)
Valtakunta “666” LP (GoatowaRex)
V/A – “Breathing Wounds” CD (Self Released)