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New Arrivals

From At War With False Noise:
Coffin Mulch – “Septic Funeral” LP
Fordell Research Unit – “The Illusion Of Movement” CD
Mike Page – “S/T” CD
Regler – “Regel #4 (HNW)” CD
Rejectamenta/Noma – “Split” CD
Sloth – “A Whole Other World Of Fun AKA 13 Songs 13 Samples” CD
V/A – “Incident At Ape Canyon” CD
Vom – “Primitive Arts” CD

From Bestial Burst:
Hail Conjurer – “Hail & Fire” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Hail & Fire” LP
Hail Conjurer – “Hail & Fire” Tape

From Hospital Productions:
Burning Star Core – “Inside The Shadow” CD
Carlos Giffoni – “Severance” CD
Cold Cave – “Cremations” CD
Jason Crumer – “Ottoman Black” CD
The New Blockaders/Thurston Moore/Jim O’Rourke – “The Voloptulist” CD
Wolf Eyes – “Always Wrong” CD
Zaimph – “Sexual Infinity” CD

From Manifest Of Hate Creations:
Daemonial Acolyte – “Chromite Veiled Shrine” Tape
K.F.R – “Shaytan 2.0” Tape
Kashgar – “S/T” LP
Kyuketsuki – “Yurei” Tape
Slutet – “Summer Night Reh. June’ 19” Tape
Trinity – “S/T” Tape
Vrag – “The Power Of Satan” Tape

From Others:
7 Minutes Of Nausea – “Non Exact Info” 7″ (Noisecore Resistance)
7 Minutes Of Nausea/Intestinal Infection – “1K Spät/Tough Guys” 7″ (Bringer Of Gore)
A Challenge Of Honour – “A Moral Destiny” 7″ (Peripheral Records)
Å/Ecoute La Merde – “Untitled/Le Son De Psychose” 7″
Angeldust – “Untitled” 7″ (Heavy Psych)
Astro & Sudden Infant – “Berlin Problem Child” 7″ (Psych.KG)
Biskaiden – “2” LP (Specific)
Body Cargo – “Flesh Waste/Recycling” 7″ (Autarkeia)
Caethua/Shep And Me – “Wrecks & Rescues/Tube-Mind” LP (Lighten Up Sounds)
Carlos Giffoni/Prurient – “Heavy Rain Returns” CD (iDEAL Recordings)
Closure – “S/T” 7″ (Feast Of Tentacles)
Cosmonauts Hail Satan – “Bizarre And Tortuous Rituals Of The Primitive World” 7″ (Secret Devil)
Cosmonauts Hail Satan – “Cosmic Invocation #1″ 7” (A.I.P.R.)
Cosmonauts Hail Satan/Grunt – “Split” 7″ (Freak Animal)
Decondition – “Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin” CD (Force Majeure)
Disguise – “System Shock” 7″ (Milk Run Records)
Dysmal Abyss – “Born To Be Born Again” Lathe Cut 12″ (Lighten Up Sounds)
Fear Konstruktor – “Nonexistence” 7″ (Peripheral Records)
Grunt – “Someone Is Watching” CD (Force Majeure)
Jazzkammer/Opec – “Split” LP (Reverse Recordings)
K2/Hakobune – “Disambient” LP (Various)
Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota – “Gyoen Bedieningshendel” 7″ (Dead Mind)
Kokori – “Release Candid Hate” 7″ (New Approach)
Kuutar – “Beyond All Light” CD (Darker Than Black)
Lesbian Rainbows/Irmãos Brothers – “Disforme” 7″ (Dead Old Tree Records)
Lethal Dose 50 – “21st Century Awakening” CD (Nuit Et Brouillard)
Maison Close – “Maison Close” CD (Force Majeure)
Maldur Atai – “Alarm/Valhalla” 7″ (Autarkeia)
Maldur Atai – “Patrols Of Paradise” 10″ (Autarkeia)
Minamata – “Niigata” CD (Zone De Confusion)
Mind & Flesh – “Martyr Generation” CD (Force Majeure)
Murder Book – “Under The Green Sea Drowning” 10″ Lathe-Cut (Cipher Productions)
Murderous Vision & Fascist Insect – “Primordial Beings From Dimensions” LP (Black Maggot Noise)
Objekt/Urian – “+Tonfragmente II+” CD (Zone De Confusion)
Perspex Flesh – “S/T” LP (Static Shock Records)
Peter J. Woods – “Songs For Nothing” LP (After Music Recordings)
Propergol – “Tormentor” 7″ (Nuit Et Brouillard)
Psychotic Sufferance/Ekunhaashaastaack – “Split” 7″ (Various Labels)
Regler – “Regel #1” LP (8mm Records)
Sable Mouvant – “Out Of The Nightmare/Back To The Dream” 7″ (Autarkeia)
Saccharine Trust – “Paganicons” LP (SST Bootleg)
SCKE// – “Ornaments” 7″ (KIKS/Girlfriend)
Sky Burial/Self – “Split” 10″ (Peripheral Records)
Sloth/Baygon Vert – “Split” LP (Self Released)
Spettro Family – “Strigoi” 7″ (Vade Retro Records)
Stoic Violence – “S/T” LP (Video Disease)
Strong Boys – “Riot Shock” LP (Milk Run Records)
Sunken Cheek – “Prince of Mind b/w Husk” 7″ (Torn Light)
Sutcliffe Jugend – “Pursuit Of Pleasure” LP (4iB Records) Black Vinyl
Sutcliffe Jugend – “Pursuit Of Pleasure” LP (4iB Records) Red Vinyl
The Flex – “Flexual Healing Vol. 5: Do Ya Think I’m Flexi?” 7″ Flexi (Milk Run Records)
V/A – “Sverige” LP (Release The Bats Records)
Viking Jews/Smycken – “Split” LP (Release The Bats Records)
W>A>S>P>S/Nacht Und Nebel – “Split” 7″ (Nunwsp)
Wrest – “Live At The CSV” One-Sided LP (Fuckin’ Amateurs)
Zebras/E=MC Hammer – “Split” LP (FTAM)
Zyrtax – “Black Roots” 7″ (Dead Mind)