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New Arrivals

From At War With False Noise:
Coffin Mulch – “Septic Funeral” LP

From Bestial Burst:
Ride For Revenge – “Maniacal Winds” CD
Valhalla Bound – “Force Of Violence” LP
Pyöveli/Wounds – “Storming Thrash Vengeance” LP
Tok Yathraa – “Chapter: Toyol” CD
Temple Of Tiermes/5217 – “Esoteric Ambience” CD

From Cold Beach:
Auld Ridge ‎– “Ascetic Invocation” 2x LP (Clear Vinyl)
Odious Hiss ‎– “Adherence To The Forbidden Divination” LP (Black Vinyl)

From Darker Than Black:
Absurd – “Death From The Forest” T-Shirt (M, L or XL)
Absurd – “Pesttanz” T-Shirt (M, L or XL)
Absurd – “Wolfskrieger” T-Shirt (M, L or XL)

From Expansion Abyss:
Absolute Key ‎– “My Mortal Share/The Towers” 7″
Ceremonial Curse ‎– “Flames Turned To Ashes…” LP
Chasmal Mire – “S/T” CD
Chasmal Mire – “S/T” Tape
Cleanse of Lethe ‎– “Demo” Tape
Dipygus ‎– “Bushmeat” LP
Dipygus ‎– “Bushmeat” Tape (Blue)
Dipygus ‎– “Bushmeat” Tape (White)
Goatcorpse ‎– “Profane Exclamations Against Piety” 7″
Kūka’ilimoku ‎– “Kūka’ilimoku” Tape
Kūka’ilimoku ‎– “Pu’ukohalā Soil” Tape
Veneraxiom ‎– “Intercurse” Tape

From Freak Animal:
Grunt – “Spiritual Eugenics” T-Shirt (X-Large)

From Livor Mortis:
Këkht Aräkh ‎– “Night & Love” CD
Këkht Aräkh ‎– “Night & Love” LP
Këkht Aräkh ‎– “Night & Love” Tape
Lloth ‎– “Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil” LP

From Narcolepsia:
Nicola Vinciguerra – “Luxus” Zine
Nuclear Post Mortem/Amusia – “Split” 7” (Poço Discos)
Tape Dekay – “Decadimento Del Nastro/Decadenza Di Tutto” CD
Troubled Sleep #4 Zine

From Northern Heritage:
Clandestine Blaze – “New Golgotha Rising” T-Shirt (Large)

From Tordon Ljud:
Artbreakhotel – “Radam” CD
Graustich – “Morality Ends” LP
Kiran Arora – “Wormwood Scrubs” CD
Marritt – “Revbensbur” Tape
Wince – “The Older Generation” LP

From Others:
Blodryne – “Dead Kombattant Of The Scorched Woods” Tape (Hotchin’ Pit)
Horologium – “Industrial Nostalgia” T-Shirt (Medium)
Rotat/Kristityt/Unclean/Will Over Matter – “Kolari III: Suomi Noise 4-Way” CD (EI ARMUA)
Ulfkell Snilling – “II” Tape (Ancient Entity)
Wælcwealrn – “Razored Cartilage” Tape (Hotchin’ Pit)