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New Arrivals

From Altare Productions:
Black Cilice ‎– “Curses And Oaths” 2x CD
Black Cilice ‎– “Summoning The Night” LP (Clear)
Bosque ‎– “Cleansing” CD
Nahtrunar/Hesychia – “Split” LP (White)

From Bestial Burst:
Evil Incarnate – “Depopulation Agenda” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Carnal Light” CD
Nirriti – “Asuryasparsha” CD
Witchcraft/Aske – “Dead Christ Prayer” CD

From Expansion Abyss:
Blood Omen – “Wraiths Of Primeval Battlefields” 7″
Blood Ouroboros – “Obfuscation of Hideous Ego” Tape
Circle Of Ouroborus – Metal Pin
Hail Conjurer – Metal Pin
Molog – “Tri” LP
Offenbarung – “Manifestus” Tape
Reviled – “Demo 2019” Tape
Sentient Divide – “Haunted By Cruelty” LP
Sentient Divide – “Haunted by Cruelty” Tape

From Filth & Violence UK Division:
ZSS – “Logo” T-Shirt

From Freak Animal:
Clinic Of Torture – ““Rohrstockliebe” Tape Box Set
Contortus – “For Those Who Love To Cause Pain” CD
Kinbakushi – “Construction Site Bondage” Tape Box Set
Silence Of Vacuum – ““The Rubberist” ” Tape Box Set
Striations – “Keepsakes” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 1” CD
V/A – “Terässinfonia 2” CD

From Phosgen Records:
Cervical Smear – “Suffocated with Duct Tape, Raped and Discarded” 7″
Chaos Cascade – “of Bedlam and Barbarism” CD RESTOCK
Cthulhu – “Cthulhu” CD RESTOCK
Entartun – “S/T” CD
Eradication Call – “Veiled” CD
RxAxPxE ‎– “Flesh Commandments” CD
RxAxPxE – “Transgressing Ecstasy” 2x CD RESTOCK
Scum – “Surrender” CD

Caverne ‎– “Omphalos” CD (Résilience)
Slogun/Wertham ‎- “By Blood : In Blood” CD (Old Europa Cafe)
V/A – “Descent Into Madness: Against Audio Complication Tape Vol. I” Tape (Against Audio)