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New Arrivals

From Blackwood Productions:
Blood Countess – “S/T” Tape
Saarkoth – “Jera” Tape
Úir – “Óenach Tailten” Tape
Wolfbastard – “Graveyard Sessions” Tape
Ygarokk ‎– “Reign Of The Ancient Miscreant One” Tape

From Filth & Violence:
Bizarre SS – “S/T” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Indoctrination Of Fist & Cock” LP
Hymenal Opening – “Red Hymen” CD

From Freak Animal:
Institute Of Paraphilia Studies Journal #3 Zine
Sadio – “Clean And Tidy” Tape
Sadio – ”Sensuous Agonizing Play” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Annihilatus – “Annihilation” CD
Annihilatus – “Blood And War” CD
Satanic Warmaster – “Strength & Honour” CD
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze – “Split” CD

From Old Europa Café:
Caligula031 – “Land Of Opportunity” CD
Con-Dom/Militia – “Scorched Earth Policy” CD
Militia – “Ambiorix” CD
Militia – “New European Order” 2x CD
SPK – “Live At The Crypt: April London 1981” CD
Sutcliffe Jugend – “Masks” CD
Uncodified – “Comunidad” CD
Uncodified – “Hardcore Methodology”CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta I” CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta II” CD
Uncodified/Wertham – “Vindicta III” CD

From Pagan War Distro:
Blutkult – “Worldwide Offensive” CD
Goatpenis – “Apocalypse War + Bonus” CD
Goatpenis – “Apocalypse War” CD
Seges Findere – “Massacre Supremacista” CD
Seges Findere – “Wolflike Blitzkrieg” CD
Vesano – “Desassossego” CD

From Sakaramiina Records:
Sniper – “Sotaa” CD
Vapaudenristi – “Ikuinen Kuolema” CD RESTOCK
Vapaudenristi – “Kohti Kaaosta” CD
Vapaudenristi – “Tuomittu Vihaamaan” 7” (This Means War)
Vapaudenristi/Ce Jour Viendra – “Split” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema – “Split” CD
Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema – “Split” LP

From Werewolf Records:
Goatmoon – “Voitto Tai Valhalla” CD
Goatmoon/Azazel – “Split“ LP