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New Arrivals

From Freak Animal:
Ashley C – “Drift” CD
Ashley C – “Timeless Reality” CD
Bastard Noise/U.N.D. – “Split” 7″
Budrus – “Canine Visions IX” CD
Circle Of Shit – “Ladder To God” Tape
Clinic Of Torture – “Slave Sex” Tape RESTOCK
Cloama – “Neuroscan Organization/Blood Illumination” CD
Cloama – “Revisionist Knowledge” CD
Con-Dom – “Live Assault 1/Live Assault 4” CD
Deathkey – “Emanations of Binaural Terror” CD RESTOCK
DMDN – “Agonistes 1+2” CD
Egoproblem (Lasse Marhaug) – “Exit/tape/Kill” CD
Eric Lunde – “Colorado Terrain Investigation” CD
Eric Lunde – “XCHDX/TapeDeathCut” CD
Ethnic Acid – “Power-works 1986-88” 2xCD
Forza Albino – “Black Dog” Tape RESTOCK
Forza Albino – “Black Dog” LP
Gelsomina/Squamata – “Junkyard Behemoth” CD
Grunt – “Dance For Genocide” Tape
Grunt – “Documentation” 3x CD Box Set
Grunt – “Ritual Of Mortality” Tape
Grunt/Cloama – “Valkoinen Kuolema/Belaja Smert” CD
Haare – “Destroy Fascism, Love Forever!” 6x CD Box Set
Jason Crumer – “Two First Records On CD” CD
John Weise/Sickness – “Split” 7″
Junkyard Shaman – ”Flesh Hole” CD
Kinbakushi – “Rope Master” Tape RESTOCK
Mania – “All Aftermath” Tape
Mania – “Ultra-Negative” CD
Martin Bladh – “Dirge: Peter Sotos Files” CD
MO*TE – “Uncut” 4x CD Box Set
Mother Savage – “Kryptopyrrole” CD
MxM “Flesh Biting Paed0phile” CD
One Dark Eye – “Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris” CD
OVMN (Macronympha & Thirdorgan) – “Optimum Volume Maximum Noise” CD
Peenemunde – “II” CD
Puce Mary – “The Great Panic” Tape RESTOCK
Putrefier – “Beyond Scathing” CD
Putrefier – “Cog Dominance” CD
Putrefier – “Unreleased And Compilation Archive” CD
Rotat – “Carnal Beauty” CD
SKM-ETR – “Screwdriver City” 3″ CD
Taint – “Indecent Liberties” CD
Testicle Hazard – “Python In The Bowl” CD
Trait (Eric Lunde) – “Inspirationals” CD
Umpio – “Muelas” CD
V/A – “Hour Of The Wolf” CD
Vigilantism – ”Incessant Authority” CD
Will Over Matter – “Lust for Knowledge” CD
YAO 91404 D – “LenShunZavod” CD
ZSS – “R… Superiority” CD

From Northern Heritage:
Incriminated – “Death Noize” 10″
Incriminated – “Death Noize” CD
MGLA – “Age Of Excuse” CD
Ride For Revenge – “King Of Snakes” CD
Warloghe – “The First Possession” CD RESTOCK