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New Arrivals

From A.S.K.E.:
Battalion – “S/T” Tape
Gargoyle – “Misericords” Tape + Zine
Hellscape #1 Zine
Hellscape #2 Zine
Occulted Death Stance – “What You Are I Once Was…” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Daytime TV” Tape

From Bestial Burst:
Charity Saints – “S/T” Tape RESTOCK
Flooded Church Of Asmodeus – “Willing Followers…” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Chapter Of Alchemy” CD
Ride For Revenge – “Sinking The Song” CD
Subhumannihilation – “S/T” Tape
Subhumannihilation – “War On Modernity” CD

From Filth & Violence:
Bizarre Uproar – “Himosta Rottiin – 017 Live Activities” CD
Bizarre Uproar – “Indoctrination Of Fist & Cock” CD
Cervical Smear – “Real-Death Enthusiast” CD
Pogrom – “Multicultural Degeneration” CD

From Freak Animal:
Edge Of Decay – “Passionate Concrete Love” CD
Encephalophonic – “Surgical Mods” CD
Grunt – “Kraniometria” 3” CD
Jaakko Vanhala – “Cuts Of Grace” 3” CD
Kristian Olsson – “Ligranorex” CD
Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag – “S/T” Tape
Nicole 12 – “Black Line” CD
Nicole 12/Taint – “Candyman” CD
Selected Killing – “Secret Tombstone” 3” CD
Umpio – “Acquired Tastes – Lost Tapes 2008-2011” 2x CD
Vile Vulgar – “Private Art” Tape
Worth – “Ruination Assessment” 3” CD
Yana – “Fat Carpet” Tape

From Northern Heritage:
Clandestine Blaze – “Falling Monuments” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Harmony Of Struggle” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “New Golgotha Rising” LP
Clandestine Blaze – “Tranquillity Of Death” LP RESTOCK
MGLA – “With Hearts Towards None” LP RESTOCK
Noenum – “S/T” CD

From Perkun Records:
Adragard – “From The Burning Mist” CD
Helvellyn – “Woods Of The Forgotten” CD
Nefarious Dusk – “Cold Shadows Over Transylvania” CD
Panzerfaust – “Grand Nuclear Desolation” CD
Samgabial – “???? ? ???????? ????” CD
Sørgelig – “Forever Lost” CD
Sørgelig – “Apostate” CD
Spiritwood – “The Art Of The Subliminal Wayfaring” CD
Wolfenburg – “Wolfenburg” CD

From Sakaramiina Records:
Hate Crime – “Live” CD

From The Ritual Productions:
Burzum – “Anthology: Lord Of Darkness” CD
Darkstorm/Cursed Coven/Ordo Sanguinis Noctis/Stormfront/Goatkolonne – “Split” CD
Irae/Black Command – “The Immortal Circle Of The Adversary” CD
V/A – “Root Of Ultimate Evil: A Tribute To Sabbat” CD

From Wolfsvuur:
Forgotten Cairns – “South of Hell” Tape
Grab – “Plague” Tape
Matar – “2007-2008” Tape
Matar – “Tyhjat Lupaukset” Tape

From Others:
Conjuration ?– “Funeral Of The Living” Tape (No Feelings)
Panzerfaust – “I, Phallus God” CD (Radical Voice)
Ride For Revenge – “King Of Snakes” LP (Fuck Yoga Records)
Ride For Revenge – “Nightmare Disturbances” LP (Final Agony Records)
Seges Findere – “Totenkopf Worship” CD (IG Farben Produktion)
Via Dolorosa – “Ubi Maior Minor Cessat” CD (IG Farben Produktion)
Wapentake – “Vestiges” CD (Those Opposed)
Zywia – “Slowianska Wiara” CD (Radical Voice)