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New Arrivals

From Antipatik Records:

Caligula031 – “Sexodrome” 7”
Concrete Mascara ‎– “Repression” CD
Graustich/Coma Detox/Whiteswan/Edge Of Decay ‎– “Stay Yourself Whatever The Cost” Tape
Umpio/Creation Through Destruction – “Split” Tape

From Bestial Burst:

Annihilatus – “Death From Above” CD
BlackOnBlackCrime – “Gold Bug” 8” Lathe Cut
Black Legion – “Rise Of Impious Demonolatry” CD
Fungus Exodus – “Myco Sapiens” CD
Hail Conjurer – “Dreams Of Serpent” LP
Necromancer – “Songs About Death And Stuff 1986-1991” CD
V/A – “Thrashing Relics Volume 2: Finnish Trash Metal 1988-1989” CD
Vapaudenristi/Uskonrauha – “Split” LP

From Blackwood Productions:

Omnicide – “S/T” Tape
Onlihtan – “The Sentinel” Tape

From Dead Seed Productions:

Aborym ‎– “Live In Groningen” CD
Gribberiket – “Knefall” CD
Gribberiket – “Knefall” LP
Gribberiket – “Sluket” CD
Gribberiket – “Sluket” LP
Mhönos ‎– “LXXXVII” CD

From Filth & Violence:

Bizarre Uproar & Jukka Siikala – “Roman Shower, Rubber & Blood” Book
Bizarre Uproar – “Verikiima” LP
Vihanmiehet ‎– “Vihanmiehet” LP

From Freak Animal:

Clinic Of Torture ‎– “Live Sadism” CD
Clinic Of Torture – “S/T” CD
Clinic Of Torture ‎– “Whip And Pierce/Perversion Bizar” CD
Grunt – “Petturien Rooli” CD RESTOCK
Grunt – “Terror And Degeneration” CD
Grunt – “World Draped In A Camouflage” CD RESTOCK
Nihilist Commando – “Noisecore Violations 2002-2008” CD
V/A – “The End Of Simulation Of Pro-Creation” CD

From Northern Heritage:

Nécropole ‎– “Nécropole” LP
Nécropole ‎– “Solarité” LP

From Sakaramiina Records:

Vapaudenristi/Uskonrauha – “Split” LP
Vapaudenristi/Valkoiset Paholaiset – “Split” CD

From Others:

Blut – “Children Of Blut” CD-r (Self Released)
Fiend – “S/T” 7” (Donor Records)
Ride For Revenge – “Wisdom Of The Few” LP (Hell’s Headbangers)
Ride For Revenge – “Ageless Powers Arise” LP (Hell’s Headbangers)
The Wound – “The Way Of Death” 7” (Donor Records)
Wapentake – “Saxon Pastoral” Tape
Wóddréa Mylenstede ‎– “I & II” 2x LP (Livor Mortis)