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New Arrivals

From Bestial Burst:

Puhdistus – “Monoa Antifalle” CD

From Northern Heritage:

Baptism – “Morbid Wings Of Sathanas” CD
MGLA – “Exercises In Futility” CD RESTOCK
MGLA – “Exercises In Futility” LP RESTOCK
MGLA – “With Hearts Toward None” LP RESTOCK

From Freak Animal:

Deathkey – “Doctrine Of Intolerant Hatred” 2x CD
Deathkey – “Totenkopf” CD
Deathkey – “Hammer Of Terror” CD

From Other Labels:

Cultfinder – “Hell’s Teeth” CD (Eldrich Lunar Miasma Records)
Fleshpress ‎– “III – The Art Of Losing All” CD (Kult Of Nihilow)
Fleshpress ‎– “Pillars” CD (Kult Of Nihilow)
Oven – “Oven” Tape (Crippled Sound Recordings)
Pahuus ‎– “Pahuuden Voitto” CD (Self Released)
Wapentake ‎– “Murmurations” CD (Eldrich Lunar Miasma Records)