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New Arrivals From Final Agony

We are pleased to stock the following releases from elite USA label Final Agony:

Dawnfall ‎– “Dominance Of Darkness” LP
Dead Reptile Shrine ‎– “A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forests” 2xLP
Deathkey ‎- “Emanations Of Binaural Terror” Tape
Funeral Mourning ‎– “Inertia Of Dissonance” Tape
Maléfices – “Muloup/Lupus” 7″
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – “Bloody Aeon Of Fullmoon Sacrifices” 7″
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Black Sun Society” LP
Spear Of Longinus ‎– “Nothing Is Forever And Forever Is Nothing” LP