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New A.S.K.E. Section

We are pleased to have finished uploading our entire catalogue of available A.S.K.E. (Anti Social Kultur England) release to the shop. A.S.K.E. is a UK based label releasing underground crude Power Electronics, Black Metal, Punk and Noise Rock and everything in between.

Battalion – “Demo I” Tape
Battalion – “Demo II” Tape
Battalion – “Demo III: Not Dead Yet” Tape
Copper – “S/T” Tape
Killfuck – “S/T” Tape
Lead Slug – “The Problematic Demo” Tape
Medieval Meditation – “S/T” Tape
O.A.F. – “Birstall Live Sessions” Tape
O.A.F. – “S/T” Tape
Occulted Death Stance – “Some Things Are Eternal” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Black Clouds” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Pedo Isles/Whoredom” Tape
Scum F.C. – “Sex Chat” Tape