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New Arrivals From Final Agony

Official distribution of Final Agony finally a reality. Due to brutal and surprising import duty charge the prices are higher than they should be. The following are now available from the Final Agony section of the site:

Blue Hummingbird On The Left/Volahn ‎– “Debajo Del Simbolo Del Sol” 7”
Cirrhus ‎– “Live Rehearsal May 2nd 2009” LP
Déliquescence/Neige Et Noirceur – “Split” 7”
Ghost Kommando – “Paramount” Tape
In Ketten ‎– “Live At JVA Ichtershausen 1995” LP
Intolitarian ‎– “Extermination Campaign” LP
Monte Penumbra ‎– “The Black Realm Vigil” CD
Pestilentia ‎– “Where The Light Dies” LP
Slægt ‎– “Ildsvanger” CD