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New Arrivals From Darker Than Black

We are officially an official distributor of Darker Than Black titles going forward. Any requests for older titles that we don’t have already, please get in touch. With this said, the following have now been added to the shop:

Blood Stronghold ‎– “Vengeance In Sacrificial Blood” CD
Blutaar – “Wider den Zeitgeist” CD
Fremdreich/Noxia ‎– “Kein Platz/Remnants Of The Arcane” CD
Heathen Hammer ‎– “Kinship Destiny” LP
Jarnvidr/Grafvölluðr ‎– “:Av Germanskt Blod:” LP
Malefica ‎– “Ancient Burial Mounds” CD
Nordvrede ‎– “Confrontation” CD
Order Of The Death’s Head ‎– “Sous Le Signe De Thulé” CD
Recluse ‎– “Stillbirth In Bethlehem” LP
Serpentfyre ‎– “Bestial Mysticism” CD
Veles/Legion – “Blood On My Knife” CD
Vornat – “Vornat” 2x LP
Wotanorden ‎– “Legends Of The Valorous Fallen” CD

Hail DTB!