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“Slaves fearlessly occupies the dark recesses of humanity, music and art. Never has enslavement felt so liberating.”
Errol Flyn (Sore Throat)

“I think grind crust black death music sucks and anyone who listens to it should have been shot at birth”
Chris Burbridge after reading Slaves 2

The second coming of Slaves is here for all to enjoy!!!

Already hailed as the “rebirth of the true extreme underground zine” it is without a doubt Slaves 2 blows issue one out of the piss puddle in terms of size, content and quality; upping the psychedelia, nihilism and perversion of its predecessor in celebrating all that is deemed inappropriate by the moral majority and tedious cunts worldwide…

This issue’s pages feature the following:

Antichrist Kramer (Huge, no two sentence answers, 18 page interview covering the music, art, literary output and life code of this agent provocateur)
Caroline Pierce (concerned mainly with the good lady’s career in the 1990s porno biz)
Hellvetron/ Nyogthaeblisz (Split interview with A.X./ X.S. about their respective entities)
Iscariah (Regarding his time spent as a kid at a xtian camp in Norway)
Lust retrospective with Sabazios Diabolus
Sex Blasphemy
Silver Key Records (Label interview with underground stalwart, The Seventh Blasphemer)

64 A5 pages in same black and white, cut and paste, sluts and death layout as before.

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