Funebrarum – “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods” CD

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The now legendary album available again in its original form. Funebrarum formed in 1998-1999 with Nick Orlando (ex-Evoken founder) , Dave Wagner ( Evoken , ex-Abazagorath ) , Daryl Kahan ( Disma ) and drummer Brian Jimenez . This 5 track ( album / mcd ) is 30 mins of some of the heaviest and most death metal riffs and songs ever put to CD.

Originally released on Necroharmonic in 2001 , now has been resurrected in its original release form as a compact disc , with the original layout and tracks , lyrics and cover art.

Funebrarum was formed by Nick Orlando ( formerly of Evoken ) , Daryl Kahan ( now Disma ) , and Dave Wagner ( currently of Evoken ) …in 1998 / 1999 formed and shortly after demos were recorded , and then Necroharmonic released this CD for its 1st pressing in 2001.

This release contains 30 mins of some of the most heavy death metal ever made , and is one of the most classic albums of all time. This Cd edition has been repressed in its original 5 song format , with original layout , lyrics and cover art.

Necroharmonic release

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