Disciples Of Mockery – “Prelude to Apocalypse” CD (Necroharmonic)

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Full length release recorded in 1999 includes the bands 3 track demo as bonus tracks…

D.O.M formed from ex members of Incantation who brought forth the master work death metal album ‘ Onward to Golgotha ‘but this killer album ” Prelude to Apocalypse ” steps beyond the realms of Incantation….much darker heavier and production was handled by Paul Crook of Anthrax which made one the greatest albums here… members are…Vocalist and guitarist Craig Pillard ( Disma / Womb / Methadrone ) . and drummer Jim Roe ( Womb / Mausoleum / Engorge ) , Ronnie Deo ( Incantation demo + 1st album ) and guitarist Mike Boyce ( Rotting Corpse from 1988 )..

Necroharmonic release
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